Colorful sofa – interior putty or hit?

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Colourful sofas are becoming increasingly popular not only in Poland, but also throughout the world. In the past you could mainly find corner sofas and sofas in shades of gray, but today this trend has slightly changed. Is the colourful sofa a hit or a putty? Check it out!

Accentuate your living room decor with a colorful sofa

A pink, white, black or even red sofa does not cause surprise today. Depending on the decor of your living room, you can opt for a colorful sofa to accentuate its unique look. For a glamour style room, a sofa in pink, white or black will be a great fit

Purple, red and bottle green

If you are a fan of industrial and loft spaces, you can choose purple or red sofa for your living room. A piece of furniture in bottle green, which harmoniously blends with brick motifs, gold and metals, will also fit perfectly.

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