How to make a homemade body scrub?  Learn 2 reliable recipes!
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How to make a homemade body scrub? Learn 2 reliable recipes!

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Regular use of scrubs brings many benefits to our skin – immediate smoothing, evening out of the skin tone or speeding up the process of epidermal regeneration – these are just some of the advantages of body scrubs. Below we present proven recipes that will allow you to prepare your own scrub in the comfort of your home.

Benefits of body peeling

Body peeling is one of the stages of our body care, which should be done regularly, preferably at least once a week. Thanks to it the skin is perfectly cleansed, its tone improves and radiance is restored. But that is not all. Using body scrubs strengthens, nourishes and oxygenates tissues, improves blood microcirculation and stimulates the skin to produce new cells.

Moreover, if you have a problem with ingrown hairs after depilation, scrubbing will undoubtedly help you fight it by unblocking the mouths of hair follicles.

And of course, don’t forget that this treatment is extremely relaxing and indulgent

How to use scrubs?

If you want to remove dead skin on your body, all you need to do is apply scrub to clean, damp skin – preferably in batches, starting at your feet and working your way up towards your heart to stimulate circulation.

Depending on the area on your body, you need to adjust the pressure. The abdomen, breasts and décolleté should be massaged gently to avoid redness, while a firmer massage can easily be given to the feet, knees, thighs and elbows.

The whole procedure should take you about 10-15 minutes. Finally, after rinsing with warm water, apply your favorite body lotion, milk or butter.

Remember that the scrub may contain various active ingredients that will additionally help to care for your skin or fight some problem, such as cellulite or lack of hydration.

Coffee peeling – many benefits, simple recipe

Coffee – both the infusion and the beans themselves – have a number of beneficial properties for our health. Ground beans are an effective weapon in the fight against orange skin. It is possible thanks to caffeine content that supports the process of fat reduction and accelerates its burning.

In addition, coffee peeling delays skin aging processes, restores a healthy color and improves blood circulation. After its use, the skin is visibly smoothed, firm, nourished and lubricated, and the metabolism is stimulated to burn fat faster.

How to make it?

Ingredients for preparing coffee scrub can be easily found in your kitchen and bathroom. First, start by grinding coffee beans (unless you already have ground coffee) and then move on to brewing them – you will need 1-2 tablespoons.

The next step is to add olive oil, oil (coconut, flax) or body oil. This is important in order to obtain a homogeneous consistency, which you can easily apply on your body and massage into selected parts of your body.

Spicy version of coffee body scrub

When it comes to coffee body scrub, you can combine ingredients that will intensify its effect, such as cinnamon, ginger or chilli. All you need to do is add 2 teaspoons of salt and a teaspoon of hot spices to the brewed grounds. See for yourself how great such a cosmetic works.

Salt scrub – additional benefits, easy recipe

Salt scrub effectively removes dead skin, leaving the skin smooth, soft and tight. However, abrasive properties are not its only advantage. This cosmetic also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, so it is perfect for treating skin lesions – it will eliminate itching and pain.

Note that salt scrub is also used during manicure and pedicure.

Additionally, it is good to perform it after depilation, because it prevents unwanted ingrown hairs.

What kind of salt should I use? The best choice is sea salt or Himalayan salt, which additionally moisturizes the skin, improves blood circulation and increases its flexibility

A simple recipe for salt body scrub

Prepare half a glass of sea salt, olive oil (or other oil, for example coconut oil) and a tablespoon of lemon peel, which has a brightening effect. Mix everything to a mushy, semi-liquid consistency and apply to wet body, massaging in circular motions. In this case, also start from the feet, moving towards the heart.

You can also enrich your homemade body scrub recipe with different oils tailored to your skin’s needs as well as honey to effectively moisturize and nourish your skin.

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