4 creative ideas for decorating your balcony

4 creative ideas for decorating your balcony

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Wondering how to decorate your balcony to have a nice time not only in summer, but also in the other months of the year? Below you will find some hints. Use them and you will quickly arrange a beautiful and cozy space.

Rest corner – pillows and a rug are a must-have.

To begin with, the absolute basics – balcony furniture. Depending on the available space, we can opt for armchairs, sofa and table, chairs and table, armchairs and table, hanging armchair or customized furniture or folding chairs. Here we should remember to choose only furniture designed for outdoor use, which is adapted to changing weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. 

In addition, the style of the furniture and the material of construction play a big role. Each lounge set introduces a slightly different atmosphere, but one thing is certain: we need a few additions to fully enjoy the arranged space.

So how to create the perfect seating area on the balcony? Do not begrudge colorful pillows, decorative placemats for the table and … a carpet. An outdoor carpet – possibly artificial grass – will make the room cozier in just a few moments. In this way, we will mark the relaxation zone.

Lighting – cotton balls, garlands and lanterns

Nothing will work so well for decorating a balcony as lighting. Here exactly the same rules apply as in the interiors – the light will put us in the right mood. It will be ideal to take care of several light sources of yellow color. If we can choose lighting mounted on the facade, then let’s adjust it to the style of the balcony. If we can’t do anything in this area, let’s take care of the rest. Lanterns set on the floor in the corners and by the lounge furniture (with led candles inside), as well as cotton balls and garlands that give a soft, diffused light, are very impressive. Their glow will bounce off the windows and fall inside, which will give an even better atmosphere.

A little tip: if we do not have room for a Christmas tree, then it will be great just on the balcony, hung with outdoor lights.

A garden in summer, a pantry in winter

You can also use your balcony as a small garden in the warmer months of the year and a pantry in the colder months. Plant herbs, flowers or vegetables in stylish pots – classic, oblong, standing, hanging or placed on special stands or ladders. As for the pantry, on the other hand, you have many options for its creation – for example, they can be decorative wooden boxes or colorful or wicker baskets. In winter, the temperature is low, so take advantage of this extra storage space. You can decorate a small pantry any way you like, and not only by painting it any color you like, but also by attaching fabrics, tassels and other decorations.

Plant jungle on the balcony

Finally, there is one more suggestion, and that is to create a green balcony. Plenty of plants are perfect for the outdoors and will even survive all year round. In winter, evergreen shrubs and conifers are ideal, and they look extremely impressive. Plants can be placed in the sitting area, on the floor by the exit door, along the balustrade. Here we have a really large field of possibilities, because they can be in pots, covers or on stands, standing on the floor, on a table or hanging – individually and in clusters, like a home jungle.

main photo: Dang Hoang Nhu

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