How do you find a trench that will last you for years?
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How do you find a trench that will last you for years?

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From Britain, to Hollywood, to the closet of each of us – no closet can miss a trench, it is an element on which you can build an entire styling. How to choose the best model? We suggest!

A brief history of trench

The trench is undoubtedly the most popular type of coat all over the world. Many women cannot imagine that it could be missing from their closet. Its advantage is versatility and the fact that it works perfectly in different weather conditions.

However, it is worth knowing what is its history. It all started in the 1820s, when it was one of the elements of clothing of horse riding and shooting enthusiasts. Its purpose was to protect from the rain. Later, it was also worn by military officers.

Then, in the 1970s, Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, a breathable, fine material that made the coat lay beautifully and look very elegant. It turned out that what was previously intended to protect against adverse weather conditions became a fashion statement.

Already in the 1940s trenches arrived in Hollywood – they were worn by journalists, detectives, gangsters, femme fatale. It also appeared in the styles of actors in the cult scenes of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Casablanca”. Currently, every designer has at least one trench in their collection, although the most famous is the one from Burberry with its characteristic check lining.

What composition should a trench have?

A trench is an outerwear item which is an indispensable part of everyday outfits. However, we need to remember that we wear it mainly in spring and autumn, so it must be resistant to changing weather conditions, rain and wind. It is also important how it will fit on the figure.

Therefore, the choice is 100% gabardine. However, not everyone can afford such a coat, as it is a considerable expense. So you can look for classic cotton, cotton satin or cotton poplin. Polyester trenches are better to skip – it’s an artificial and non-breathable material, in which you can sweat and which won’t keep you warm in colder days.

Color of trench – classic or unusual?

If there is only one decent coat in the closet, which will serve for many years, it should have a classic color – beige, navy blue or black. These color versions will be the most versatile and will work well in many stylizations, both everyday and business or evening. Such a coat is a perfect base.

Of course, you can also buy a trench in a juicy color, such as blue, red or yellow and create a fantastic look with it.

Does the length matter?

The coat should also be the right length. How do you determine this? Take into account your height and body shape. Ankle-length or floor-length trench is a great way to slim your silhouette, but it can be overwhelming for shorter people. Definitely it will be better if they choose the length to the knees, or even shorter. In addition, women will have the best proportions in a coat that ends before the knee.

What about buttons and a belt?

The trench feels the spirit of the military past. Its original version was double-breasted, waisted, belted and flared at the knees. However, single-breasted trenches are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they are visually “lighter”, thus more conducive to the female figure.

Fans of classics, wanting to have a double-breasted coat in their closet, should pay attention to the spacing of buttons – the closer they are to each other, the better. The more distant they are, the better. A belt with buckle is an obligatory element of trench coat. Of course, you can tie it to emphasize your figure, but ladies with fuller shapes or those with bigger breasts should leave the coat unbuttoned. Then they will look much better.

Workwear with good composition, timeless color and the right length will always be fashionable. What is important, it suits women of all ages. It is also a perfect base for further styling.

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