Openwork clothes and accessories are a must have for summer

Openwork clothes and accessories are a must have for summer

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Lace and openwork patterns are very feminine and therefore are an absolute hit this season, just like every year. However, such pieces of clothing can be difficult to incorporate into an outfit. See how to wear openwork clothes to build summer looks perfect for festivals or outdoor events.

Openwork sweaters and bedspreads

A sweater or bedspread is the easiest to weave into an outfit so that it looks natural and interesting. Unfortunately, lace often tends to stand out and look forced. In the case of long openwork sweaters and bedspreads, it is best to combine them with a crop top and short shorts. The difference in length will create an interesting effect. You can also wear it with jeans and a crop top, but avoid t-shirts and long-sleeved tops, as the view from underneath the openwork pattern may look unsightly. A lace bedspread is also fantastic for the beach and will look great worn over a swimsuit

Lace tops and blouses

A lace pattern on a blouse or top is a very elegant decoration, much more classic than prints. It is a way to look elegant in summer, but not to fall into boredom. Such tops will look great with a jacket or a blazer, you can also complete the look with a sweater made of light material. Depending on how openworked the top is and whether it has additional decorations, you can combine it with skirt or pants. Straight, dark pants will go with more decorative tops, while skirts should be matched with less decorative blouses or tops

Long blouses and tops are more elegant, but you can combine the crop top with shorts for a casual look. However, avoid pairing the crop top with a skirt with frills, as too much embellishment can create a slightly kitschy effect, which is better avoided.

Openwork dresses

Dresses with openwork embellishments are a very summer trend. Delicate cut-outs beautifully reveal tanned skin, which contrasts with the light fabric. This is why openwork dresses for summer are often white. Lace and openwork dresses go best with beige sandals or high heels. It is good to match them with natural-looking materials, for example, a pole or a high-top shoe wrapped with a string, or eco-leather sandals. Lace dresses are often decorated with frills, for example, so avoid further embellishments on shoes or rich, eye-catching jewelry

Openwork accessories

Don’t forget to protect your head from the sun in summer. You can use a straw hat for this purpose. Its holes are not so big that it stops being effective, but the pattern makes it a very interesting accessory. Moreover, an absolute hit for summer is openwork jewelry. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets cut in various patterns are a great way to incorporate trendy elements into your everyday outfit and thus completely change it

This summer bet on openwork patterns on clothes and accessories. Blouses, dresses and jewelry with beautiful cut-outs are the hottest vacation trend. Cut-out patterns that expose tanned skin look good and unusual. If you like to follow the latest trends and play with fashion, be sure to buy this season’s openwork clothes to create unique outfits. Just remember to wear sunscreen!

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