Home Remedies for Under Eye Bags – 5 golden tips you can put into practice right away
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Home Remedies for Under Eye Bags – 5 golden tips you can put into practice right away

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The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. It often shows various veins, dark circles or bags. We tell you how to deal with unsightly puffiness. It does not take much to get rid of them.

What are the causes of bags under the eyes?

Under-eye bags are a problem none of us should ignore. Puffiness is the result of lymphatic stagnation in the subcutaneous tissues. There are various reasons for this condition.

The first is genetic. Look at your parents-if they have bags under their eyes, it is very likely that you simply inherited them. Importantly, it’s a condition that often occurs with age, when the eye’s circular muscles weaken and the skin loses elasticity.

Of course, it’s easy to earn bags under your eyes – sleepless nights, poor diet, smoking or alcohol abuse. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle also promotes lymphatic stasis.

If you can’t pinpoint any of the above causes, see your doctor. Bags under the eyes can be a sign of allergies or various diseases, including heart, circulatory system, kidney or thyroid disease, with which water is retained in the body.

No more unhygienic lifestyle

The best home remedy to combat bags under the eyes is… a change of lifestyle. So limit stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol and even coffee to a minimum. Also pay attention to the amount of salt consumed – unfortunately it causes water retention in the body.

Swelling is exacerbated by stress and fatigue, so take care of your inner peace and the quality and quantity of sleep. It’s great medicine – also for your eyes. Also, rest on a higher pillow so your head is slightly elevated. This will help improve microcirculation and lymph flow.

Take care of your environment – regularly air your home, make sure the air is not too dry and do not irritate your eyelids by rubbing them. This also affects the condition of this delicate area.

Cool compresses will bring relief

Cold causes the lymphatic vessels to shrink and reduces the amount of fluid in them. Take chilled cucumber slices or ice cubes out of the fridge, wrap them in plastic wrap or a washcloth and place them on your eyelids. Lie like this for at least 15 minutes and your skin will be refreshed, tightened and brightened. Cucumber contains antioxidants and flavonoids that reduce redness, swelling and irritation.

Potatoes and egg whites will also help

Some of the foods that help fight bags under the eyes include raw potatoes. Remember to put them in the refrigerator beforehand. Put the cooled slices on your eyelids. First of all, they will have an astringent effect on the skin and will also help remove accumulated water.

You can also make a poultice of grated potatoes – then wrap them in gauze or a cloth and refrigerate.

Whipped egg white works just as well. Apply the stiff foam to the eye area and leave for about 10-15 minutes. Remember to rinse thoroughly afterwards. You will be amazed at the instant effect you will get. Your skin will be tightened and smoothed.

Tea is not only good for drinking

No one needs to be reminded of the beneficial effects of various herbs and tea. Remember that it is not only about the infusion itself. You can successfully use… tea bags – green or black. What do you have to do? After brewing them, drain them slightly and cool them down. Then put them on your eyelids for half an hour.

This is a great way to fight bags under the eyes, because tea contains caffeine, and this narrows the vessels, thus reducing swelling. You can also make compresses from coffee-soaked cotton pads.

Massage will help get rid of lymph

Finally, try a gentle massage – apply pressure around the eyes from the inner to the outer corner. You can do it with your fingers or cotton buds or even chilled spoons

This is one of the best ways to get rid of excess lymph and toxins accumulated at the lower eyelid.

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