Make-up with red lips – day versus evening version

Make-up with red lips – day versus evening version

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There is nothing sexier than red lips. It adds character to any makeup and any woman. We show you how to use red lipstick in your daytime and evening make-up.

There is no doubt that red lips are a classic of any make-up. They are considered attractive, alluring and very sexy. There is a reason why red was once mandatory on the lips of the biggest movie or stage stars. Interestingly, the history of this makeup dates back to antiquity. It is worth knowing that Cleopatra already wore red lips. Lipsticks in this color were promoted by Coco Chanel, who even claimed that a woman “will never be completely naked if she is wearing red lipstick. Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna also loved the blood red lip color

Who wears red lips?

It should be remembered that red lipstick is primarily for ladies who have nice white teeth. Besides, this cosmetic is perfect for all women who want to look elegant

There are different shades of red, which is worth remembering. For ladies with so called “summer” beauty, and therefore with a light skin tone will work cherry red shade, and even falling into the burgundy. In contrast, women calling themselves ‘autumn’ should bet on red shades of copper or cinnamon. The classic blood red was created for women with “winter” looks – here it is also worth reaching for amaranth. In turn, “springs” will look best in a coral shade.

Evening make-up with red lips

When it comes to evening makeup, we very often reach for blood-red lipstick. This is especially true for women who like to draw attention to themselves. However, it is good to know how to do such make-up, to bring out from us the feminine beauty and sex appeal.

If during the exit will be taken pictures or filmed us remember to use more cosmetics. The perfect combination here is a well-defined eye with well-defined eyelashes (or tufts of eyeliner), a bold line on the eyelid and lips in bright shades of red or very dark ones. For a photo shoot you can afford a much stronger make-up without worrying that it will be “overdone”.

When it comes to evening make-up, smoky eyes have been dominant for years. Make-up artists agree that the mouth in such make-up is the basis. And the sexiest version is of course the red ones, which will look stunning. Currently, lipsticks with a matte finish are in fashion

Daytime make-up with red lips? Why not!

While red lips are a must when it comes to evening make-up, when it comes to daytime make-up, a lot of people put the bold lipsticks in the make-up bag. It’s a shame, because you can play with colors in your makeup, even in your everyday makeup. In this case you have to remember that ‘less is more’. That’s why a well-defined eye, a thick layer of powder and intense blush do not work here. If you want to wear make-up to work or out on the town, it is enough to use a delicate foundation, and if you have a nice complexion, BB cream alone, your favourite mascara and possibly an eyeliner or pencil will suffice. Add red lips – matte or with a layer of gloss, if you like. Such make-up will not be exaggerated and will undoubtedly emphasize our beauty!

What should I remember while doing red lips make-up?

When painting your lips red, you need to make an effort. First you need to properly prepare your lips, so it is advisable to exfoliate and apply a bit of moisturizer or lip balm on them. The contour of your lips should be outlined with a lip liner, starting from the center of the upper lip towards the corners, and then powder your lips. This will help the lipstick stay on much longer. Finally, using a brush, precisely paint your lips with the lipstick so as not to go beyond the contour and leave no empty spots. The excess of the cosmetic will be removed by pressing your lips on a tissue.

If the lipstick goes slightly out of line, you can touch up the makeup by applying a concealer

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