How to have long and curly eyelashes?
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How to have long and curly eyelashes?

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Beautiful eyelashes are certainly a great asset. Thanks to them the eye is emphasized and the look becomes flirtatious. But how to achieve this effect. We suggest what you can do to make your lashes long and curly.

Proper care, or home remedies for beautiful and long lashes

If you dream of long, thick and curled eyelashes, you should take care of them properly. There are several proven home remedies that will help you take care of them and make your lashes beautiful and healthy. One of them is to use castor oil and olive oil. The two oils should be mixed together in a 1:1 ratio and set aside for a few days. Then use such a mixture at night, applying it with an eyelash comb or a cotton bud. You can also apply these oils on your eyebrows.

Another proven method is to use a homemade eyelash mask. To make it, you will need shea butter, your favorite oil, such as sweet almond oil, and lanolin. Mix them in a ratio of 1:3:1. Apply such a mask at night.

To enjoy beautiful eyelashes, you can also use petroleum jelly. Apply it in the evening with your fingertips on washed lashes – from root to tip.

Eyelash extensions, a quick way to get a captivating look

A good method to extend and curl your lashes are certainly false eyelashes stuck on the strip or in clumps, for example those of Noble Lashes brand. This is the perfect choice for big outings and events such as prom, New Year’s Eve, prom or wedding. These lashes can be applied very easily and then taken off after the event. Remember however, that in order to apply them properly you will need special glue for false eyelashes. Moreover, if you take proper care of the strip lashes, they can be a reusable product. All you have to do is gently wash them with micellar liquid and store them in a box so they don’t deform. The plus side is that you can choose from different lengths and volumes.

Eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

If you want a more permanent effect, you can also opt for eyelash extensions at a stylist. Beauty salons offer many extension, curling and thickening treatments for their clients. The most natural method would certainly be 1:1, which involves attaching one false lash to one natural lash. So it works great for women who have their natural lashes quite thick

If you want a slightly more spectacular effect, you can opt for the 2D, 3D or even more methods. These involve attaching two, three or more artificial eyelashes to one natural one

Another method often chosen by clients of beauty salons is the so-called Russian Effect or Hollywood Effect. Here a clump of several artificial eyelashes is stuck to each natural lash, which gives a really spectacular effect. In both of these methods very light and thin lashes are chosen to make sure that the natural ones are not overloaded. This is an ideal option for brave women looking for a strong, powerful effect of highlighting the eye

Also popular recently is a method of extension inspired by Kim Kardashian makeup. Kim’s eyelashes means sticking shorter and longer lashes alternately, so as to achieve the effect of delicate teeth. Contrary to appearances, the final effect is very natural, because our natural lashes are also not the same length. Thanks to this, the eye gently opens up and is beautifully highlighted.

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