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Contact with nature – the best way to reduce stress!

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Nowadays, we live in a constant rush – career, home, extra-curricular activities. This makes us stressed and frustrated. Contact with nature will help us breathe!

XXI century is the time when people live “to the max”, that is fast and intensely. They are climbing the career ladder, they are constantly getting richer, and on top of that they try to be perfectionists in their own homes and be active even in their free time (because it is fashionable), which they do not have much of. In all this chase it is easy to get lost, and constant stress and exhaustion have a nightmarish effect on our health. That is why it is worth to slow down sometimes and do something for ourselves. Do not forget that the human body has its own endurance. Life at full speed promotes many diseases, heart attacks, and can also cause discouragement to everyone and everything (and in extreme cases also depression). Most of us spend all day indoors, with air conditioning and artificial light. This only intensifies the growing frustration.

Nature – calms you down and lets you relax

It is probably not necessary to convince anyone about how good influence nature has on our well-being and health. Already in the 19th century in the book “Walden”, its author, American writer, philosopher and poet Henry Thoreau wrote that communing with nature has an extraordinary healing power. And it certainly does! So it is worth planning a weekend trip out of town to walk in the woods, breathe in the fresh air. Instead of city noise, listen to the birds singing and the rustle of trees. This allows you to recharge your batteries, relax and calm down. And according to many experts, this method is much more effective than even expensive modern treatments in specialized SPA salons! And so often we forget about it, although it is literally at our fingertips..

How does living in nature affect our body?

The aforementioned Henry Thoreau in 1840 decided to live near Walden Pond in Massachusetts. His new home was surrounded by lakes and forests, and he built it himself from wood and lived there alone for two years, only occasionally meeting with relatives or friends. He decided to test how a simple, modest life surrounded by nature would affect him. The effect amazed Henry himself. He decided to describe his observations in the book “Walden, or Living in the Forest”. This publication is like a bible for contemporary ecologists or followers of the recently fashionable “slow life” philosophy

The author wrote, among other things, that forest walks and the lack of the typical city pace make people start to analyze their lives and understand what is really important. He also notices his true, often hidden desires, which are often forgotten in the typical daily rush for perfection. The American writer also stated that 2 years in nature made him learn to distinguish between what is the expectation of others and what is his own. He also admitted that thanks to the move he regained contact with his own self, nature and God. He also came to the conclusion, which he wrote about in the book, that the omnipresent rush can lead a person to perdition. Modern technologies, which are supposed to make life simpler and nicer, actually contribute to distance and alienation

What to do to relax?

Man has always needed nature. That’s why it’s a good idea to start surrounding yourself with greenery. Vegetation calms, relaxes and fills with happiness. Therefore, let’s put some flowers in our homes or offices. Surely we will quickly see and appreciate what a great impact they have on our mood

Maybe sometimes it’s worth to resign from the car and go to work, store or friends on foot? Experts also appeal to us not to fill our schedules to the brim. You should leave yourself some free time to be able to calm down, go for a walk, sit on a bench and listen to the sound of birds. Just a few minutes a day of such “treatment” will have a sensational impact on our mental health

Another modern problem is that we have no time for ourselves. According to the British writer Oliver Burkeman, author of the book “Psychologies”, just 30 minutes a day spent with yourself is the basis for achieving mental and physical harmony

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