Fight for better sleep! Tricks you should implement in your bedroom right away
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Fight for better sleep! Tricks you should implement in your bedroom right away

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Despite a good night’s sleep you feel tired and lack energy? This is a common problem. Just use a few bedroom tricks to get a great night’s sleep. Check them out!

Sleep problems are common. More people than you might think are struggling with it. It turns out that you can easily remedy it by changing your habits and introducing a few design tricks in your bedroom

Sleep is health

Everyone is aware that sleep has a huge impact on our health. During sleep the body can regenerate after a hard day. If sleep is deep enough, it allows us to rest, improves concentration, gives us strength and improves our mood. Insomnia is often associated with various ailments, taking certain medications, bad habits, as well as improper bedroom arrangement. In the first two cases it is necessary to visit a specialist who will help us deal with the problem. As for the other two – we have to deal with them on our own. Therefore it is worth taking care of a proper diet, not to overeat at night, not to stimulate the body, for example with coffee or drinks containing caffeine. It is also recommended to give up all kinds of stimulants. In the evening it is good to calm down and oxygenate during an evening walk. It is also crucial to pay attention to the arrangement of furniture and objects in the bedroom and the color scheme of the room

How to position the bed in the bedroom? Some interesting facts

To rest well, we need a comfortable bed. Therefore, when buying this piece of furniture, pay attention not only to its appearance, but also the features that are responsible for a healthy, peaceful sleep. Nowadays beds with metal frames are very popular, however feng shui principles say that it is better if you choose a bed with a wooden frame. The headrest should be facing the wall so that you can reach it from three sides. Interestingly, experts on healthy sleep advise against placing a bed opposite to the entrance to the bedroom. Why? Well, it is believed that this is a “coffin position” and adversely affects our subconscious, which translates into a comfortable sleep. Bed should also not stand right next to the window, because of the energy that flows from it (if you believe in such things)

The bed must be the right size. It is estimated that an adult needs a minimum of 90 cm wide and at least 30 cm longer than his height

As you know, a bed is first of all a mattress. And it depends on it, whether we will have a good night’s sleep. It cannot be too soft or too hard. It is best to choose a mattress which adapts to the body, e.g. one made of special foam. Bedding is also important. It should be made of breathable material, otherwise we may sweat, which will not be comfortable. It is also worth choosing comforters and pillows with hypoallergenic inserts to avoid irritation and allergies. Pillowcases, in turn, should wick away moisture

Appropriate colors and light

In the evening we are supposed to calm down and bedroom arrangement should be conducive to that. That is why it is worth choosing delicate, pastel colors of walls (blue and green have a calming effect and regulate the work of heart), without expressive patterns and flashy pictures. It is worth choosing colors which we like and with which we feel good. However, it is better to resign from blood red, deep black or navy blue.

Light in a bedroom should be diffused. It is a good idea to choose lamps and lanterns, which give off a warm light and create a unique mood. Candles are also a great idea.

Take care of unique accessories

Additions are also crucial. They create the essence of the whole interior and add to its character. Soft, decorative pillows, blankets or delicate figurines are perfect for the bedroom. Potted flowers with big, green leaves are also a great idea. They will improve the air quality and bring us closer to nature, which is known to relax and calm us down

In the bedroom you can not miss the curtains, which are not only an interesting decorative element, but also ensure adequate darkening of the room, making it easier for us to fall asleep.

What should there not be in a place where we sleep? Certainly no electronics. Specialists advise against watching television in bed. It is best to get rid of all unnecessary equipment from the bedroom which can distract us and cause chaos. There should also be no objects connected with work as it can cause additional stress and translate into a much worse sleep

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