Styling ideas for sneakers

Styling ideas for sneakers

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Sneakers – what does it actually mean? This word penetrated our vocabulary unexpectedly, just like shoes into our closet. Not many of us realize that the history of sneakers goes back decades! It was the 1980s that made these shoes popular not only among athletes. However, until recently, sneakers were still only created by brands involved in athletic footwear. Today, sneakers have become synonymous with luxury. They can be seen on the catwalks of Balenciaga, Valentino, Gucci and Chanel.

Nowadays men ‘s and women’s sneakers are combined not only in everyday outfits but also in more formal ones. A great example of this are the above mentioned fashion houses, which are known for their haute couture! There are plenty of ways to combine sneakers with what’s in your closet.

A touch of retro charm

Have you noticed that sneaker-style sneakers or sneakers in calm brown or earthy shades are particularly abundant on the shelves? When you decide to go for sneakers like these, it’s great to pair them with classics. Long overcoats, shirts and cardigans are your friends who can give you that effortless charm that is perfect for a walk or a day at work. Classic does not have to mean boring. Rediscover once popular trends!

Sporty elegance

If you decide on sneakers typically sporty, it is worth following the well-known saying – opposites attract. Wear your sneakers with elegant knee-length dresses or tailored pants. Don’t be afraid that sneakers are not elegant enough. That’s what this trend is all about! An unobvious choice of shoes will make your outfit stand out from the rest.

Sporty practicality

Sneakers, however, have a purpose. While not every model is suitable for you to play sports in, some are made for just that! When you choose the shoes you are going to exercise in, remember that it does not mean an unfashionable outfit. Opt for interesting color solutions. Neon colors are especially trendy this season, so when you go for a morning jog, wear a blouse or pants in a vivid shade. This original combination takes us back to the 1980s. Remember those old aerobics tapes? You might feel like the star of one of them.

Comfort and grace

Stylists make it clear that this whole year – not just season – is about comfort. When you decide on sneakers with an interesting color or pattern, pair them with your favorite jeans and enjoy an outfit that is both eye-catching and comfortable. Are you going for the popular ankle boots? Match it with a short skirt or dress. You don’t have to be afraid that sports shoes don’t match with a feminine dress. This is an interesting combination for an interesting woman. Such outfits will still be especially fashionable in the coming months.

And when you’re craving a change….

…start with your shoes! Feel like your sneakers don’t match the clothes that are trending this season? DIY is a great way to give something unfashionable a new shine. Leather paints, especially dedicated to sneakers, have been gaining popularity lately to refresh old shoes. They allow you to paint the entire surface or specific patterns, depending on what you need. The possibilities are really endless, all it takes is a little creativity.

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