Learn these 5 rules for taking care of your skin in hot weather
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Learn these 5 rules for taking care of your skin in hot weather

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Skin definitely needs special treatment during hot weather. We tell you how to take care of it so that it looks healthy and radiant all summer long

The summer season evokes many pleasant associations, such as relaxation, exceptional travel, or getting that longed-for tan. Sounds idyllic, but unfortunately some of these circumstances adversely affect the condition of our skin.

It is worth to know a few rules of summer care and follow them during the hot days.

1. Use sunscreen

External factors that may adversely affect the skin in summer include prolonged exposure to strong sun. The basis of hot weather care is therefore the use of creams with SPF protecting against UV radiation and helping to prevent skin burns. These cosmetics should be used not only during holiday trips, but also on a daily basis. The higher the filter value you reach for, the better protection it will provide. Not everyone knows that in order to achieve the best effectiveness, it is necessary to apply this type of specifications several times a day.

2. Make sure to moisturize

Another golden rule of hot weather care concerns moisturizing your skin. Due to the conditions outside, your skin may be prone to dryness. You should take care of its condition by using good quality products. It is best that the moisturizers you choose in the summer, were light and quickly absorbed, but at the same time provide deep hydration. It is strongly discouraged to use greasy, weighing down products, which will not perform their role properly in hot weather

3. Cleanse your skin

Proper cleansing of the skin should accompany you throughout the year. Your complexion has to face many opponents during the day, such as air pollution. With regular use of cleansing cosmetics, such as foams and gels, you can rid your skin of bacteria and restore its radiance and balance.

4. Refresh yourself in hot weather

When the weather is hot, your skin needs to be cooled down. This inconspicuous cosmetic has truly beneficial properties – it soothes, refreshes and moisturizes. Additionally, its application is facilitated by an atomizer, thanks to which you can spray a pleasant mist on your face. In summer it happens that too strong radiation causes skin irritation. Cosmetics with soothing properties also include products designed for use after sunbathing. They bring relief, moisturize dry skin, and reduce irritation and redness when you overdo it.

5. Go natural

Give your skin a break from time to time. During the summer season, try not to overload it with strong cosmetics and try to limit your makeup. Try to keep things minimal. Summer makeup products should be light and natural, and before applying it, make sure to take care of your skin. Cosmetics that are worth betting on in the summer are BB or CC creams, light formula foundations, waterproof mascaras and moisturizing lipsticks or delicate glosses.

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