Hammam ritual – learn how to take care of your body skin at home!
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Hammam ritual – learn how to take care of your body skin at home!

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Hammam ritual, or something for the body and something for the spirit. Such care is popular in beauty parlors and spa salons. You can also perform it at home – see how!

What is a hammam ritual? These are special treatments from the Middle East, whose aim is to take care of both the body and spirit. The associated relaxation allows you to regenerate, unwind and feel special. This treatment can be found in the offer of most spa salons or good beauty parlors. It turns out, however, that with the appropriate knowledge and willingness – we can successfully do it yourself, whenever you want. This is a convenient and much cheaper solution

What is the hammam ritual?

The term “hammam” is the name of a steam bath in the Middle East. As we know, these treatments were already known in ancient Greece and Rome. However, later over the years this custom was forgotten in European territories. However, it was still practiced in Asia Minor and North Africa, where its popularity continues to this day. In recent years, the hammam ritual is becoming liked all over the world. Humanity began to recognize and appreciate its valuable properties for health and psyche

The traditional treatment in the Middle East is not only a visit to the bath, but also massages and lubrication with exotic oils. Currently, it is considered that the hammam ritual is a combination of relaxation and soothing the soul with body care.

Subsequent stages of a hammam ritual – what do they consist of and how to perform them?

The hammam ritual is divided into four stages. The first of them is a visit to the sauna – at home it can be replaced by a hot, long and relaxing shower. This treatment softens and cleanses the skin and opens the pores.

Then comes the time for exfoliation, which in the baths is called “hararet”. In this case, we will need Savon Noir soap, which is a natural, black potash soap made from black olives, which we can get in good drugstores and soap shops. We cleanse the skin using this cosmetic, which we apply on a moistened body

Then gently massage the skin – you can use a sponge, washcloth or mitt, according to individual preference. However, it is best to use a special, grainy glove. Use slow, circular motions until the soap begins to lather. It is also about enjoying the treatment and getting maximum pleasure from it. It should be remembered that the massage should always be done from the legs towards the heart. This treatment sensationally improves circulation, firms, and removes dead skin, so that the skin better absorbs cosmetics applied later. Afterwards, we rinse the body gently with lukewarm water and dry it with a towel (without intensive rubbing)

The third stage of the hammam ritual is cleansing the body with Ghassoul clay. This clay comes from Morocco, where it has been mined for hundreds of years in the Atlas Mountains. This substance provides our skin with precious substances that nourish it and improve its appearance and condition. When Ghassoul clay is mixed with water, we get something resembling a mud-foam. This product perfectly degreases our skin, to that it moisturizes and noticeably firms. Apply the slurry on the body and leave it for a few minutes so that its components could be absorbed. Then wash it off with lukewarm water

The last step is a massage and application of exotic oils. In this case we will need the so-called gold from Morocco, the argan oil, also known as “elixir of youth” because it prevents premature aging of the skin and strongly moisturizes and regenerates it. Apply the oil to your hands, massage lightly to warm it up and massage with slow movements all over the body – the treatment should relax you and give you pleasure. Do not wash or wipe off the oil, just wait until it is thoroughly absorbed into the skin

After such a treatment our body will be pampered, our skin will be smoother and firmer. We will feel rested, relaxed and ready for new challenges. It is worth doing the hammam ritual at least once a month and treat it as a moment for yourself.

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