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Creamless nights – is it worth it and what effect can you hope for?

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Are you a fan of all moisturizing and regenerating creams, especially night creams? Try a cosmetic “detox”, or creamless nights. Why should you do it and what effect can you expect?

Skin care trends change like a kaleidoscope. Every now and then we hear about another innovative method to improve the condition of our skin, or about a newly released cosmetic, the composition of which is a vitamin bomb for our skin. It is no wonder that we like to use such specifications. However, times of pandemics have caused us to turn to moderate and more conscious care of ourselves, our skin and body. Because of this, a lot of previously used cosmetics ended up in the trash

Currently, one of the trends that are increasingly popular is a skin care detox in the form of the so-called “creamless nights”. What is it? It’s an idea that came into being quite a long time ago by Austrian chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka. The idea he came up with is based on the fact that in our daily skin care we should reduce the use of moisturizing cosmetics. Thanks to such a cream detox, the skin has a chance to regenerate, regaining its natural balance. What is this care method and what does it actually do?

What is the purpose of a creamless night?

Helping the skin regain its balance is the main idea behind the idea of the creamless nights. Contrary to what you might think, it’s a fairly simple method that is easy to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. However, in order not to shock your skin, you should do it in stages

First, leave heavier cosmetics for the night. This applies mainly to those that contain emollients in their composition. These include: masks, oils, creams and most serums. Secondly, it is worth introducing a gradual skin care, that is, based on cleansing, toning and application of a light cosmetic, although this last stage can be safely omitted. Then our skin will actually rest.

A night without cream is a good way to regulate especially oily skin, but also the one prone to acne and allergies. Enthusiasts of creamless nights believe that our skin does not need any impulses from the outside at night, because it is able to regenerate itself well.

Of course, giving up cream completely at night can be difficult, especially for people who have very dry skin. Without the cream, they may be accompanied by an annoying tightening sensation. It is uncomfortable and most can feel bad about it. You can then apply a gentle cream. When the lack of cream will no longer cause discomfort on the skin, it is worth getting used to the creamless nights, first using this method 2-3 times a week, and then more and more often

Remember also that if the skin is often oily, it does not have to mean that it is clogged. It can be a signal of its dehydration, so after a creamless night treatment you need to take care of the skin hydration in the morning. You can use an oil-based cream and serum simultaneously for the day.

What results can be expected after a creamless night?

Most people may experience dry skin after completely discontinuing nighttime moisturizers. Rest assured that the appearance will begin to improve, it’s only a matter of time, but we must remember to hydrate regularly as mentioned earlier

If you have very sensitive skin, you may also notice a worsening of your complexion, such as the appearance of a rash, at the beginning of your creamless nights treatment. This is also a temporary shock that the skin will experience, with time it will begin to regenerate properly. Therefore, do not be discouraged at once and stop the creamless “detox”, because as with many beauty therapies, satisfactory results will not appear immediately.

Let’s also remember that apart from proper skin care times (i.e. intensive moisturizing in the morning and giving it a rest from night creams), we should also properly approach the matter of removing make-up from our skin. Washing your face too intensively can irritate the skin and damage its natural lipid barrier, which protects us from UV radiation.

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