How to prepare bath salt yourself?
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How to prepare bath salt yourself?

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Nothing is as relaxing as a hot, aromatic bath with bath salts. There are plenty of “ready-made” products in stores, but it turns out that you can prepare it yourself!

More and more people appreciate hand-made cosmetics. It turns out that such “home production” is not only an interesting option to spend time, but also allows you to create a completely natural, unique products that have a great impact on our health. In stores with cosmetics and drugstores shelves are almost overflowing with excess goods. Looking through the labels and getting acquainted with the composition, which often turns out that it leaves much to be desired. The same applies to popular bath salts. Lots of chemical additives, flavors and dyes. And their preparation is not complicated, and besides, you can create a cosmetic perfectly tailored to individual needs. You just need a few products, a little willingness and time

Lavender bath salt

Beautifully scented bath salt added to water not only has a great effect on our skin, but also works as aromatherapy; it relaxes and refreshes. How to make it? The basis is, of course, salt, which has many valuable ingredients that benefit our health. Himalayan salt of pink color acts antibacterially and anti-inflammatory. To this improves circulation. In turn, sea salt reduces cramps and firms the skin. Both salts are therefore an ideal base for our bath cosmetics. Besides, most of us have them in the kitchen, which is quite a convenience, and if not, you can find them in almost every grocery store. To prepare bath salts we will need:

  • a glass of sea salt (coarse-grained);
  • one cup of Himalayan salt;
  • 1 packet of baking soda;
  • a handful of dried lavender;
  • 12 drops of lavender essential oil;

And a bowl/container, baking paper and a decorative jar.

First, line a bowl or container with baking paper. Then pour into it sea salt, Himalayan salt and baking soda. Pour the oil (you can give a smaller or larger amount, depending on whether you want to have a salt bath with an intense or lighter fragrance). Add dried lavender and mix. You can use a wooden spoon or mix it all with your hands. The resulting mixture pour into a jar, which can be decorated with lavender and ribbons, then it will also be an interesting decoration of the bathroom. Salt packed in such a way is also perfect as a gift for a loved one

Dried lavender and lavender oil can be replaced by any dried flowers such as roses, jasmine, peonies, the same goes for the oil

How much can I put in the bath salt? And what if we do not have a bathtub?

There is no limit to the amount of salt added to a bath. It is worth adding a few tablespoons in order to make our home cosmetic more effective and the scent more intensive. It is worth once a week to treat yourself to such home SPA, and our body will certainly thank us with health and beautiful appearance. You have to keep in mind that too frequent baths with salt can dry out our skin. Besides, after each such treatment you always need to use body lotion or oil

Not everyone has a bathtub, does this mean that they can not use the precious properties of salt baths? Then it is worth to relax your feet. Just pour hot water into a bowl and add some salt. Then put your feet and soak from a few to several minutes. This treatment will also have a relaxing effect on us.

Keep this in mind!

When adding oils, make sure they are high quality products; tested and from reliable sources. You should not use oils for fireplaces with candles that are not intended to come into contact with the skin. You have to keep in mind that after all, what we use, penetrates our body

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