Rejuvenating treatments without a scalpel – find out the best solutions!
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Rejuvenating treatments without a scalpel – find out the best solutions!

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Fight skin aging. A scalpel is not the only effective weapon. Find out what alternatives you have.

A good appearance largely affects your mood and self-confidence – you look better, you feel better! It is worth investing in yourself, especially that aesthetic medicine has developed a lot. First of all, you no longer have to decide on an invasive face lift – performed under anaesthesia, using surgical instruments, after which you would recover for a long time and which is very expensive.

Fortunately, there are many scalpel-free rejuvenation treatments available on the market. Find out how you can fight the signs of skin aging – effectively, but without taking drastic steps.

HIFU, the power of ultrasound

HIFU stands for “high intensity focused ultrasound,” a high-energy ultrasound beam that works deep within the dermis, lipid layer and muscle fascia without affecting the outer surface.

HIFU lasts less than half an hour. During the treatment the skin is stimulated to natural regeneration and restoration of collagen. The result is tension and firming with visibly smoothed wrinkles. In addition, facial contours become clear. The first effects are visible immediately after the performance of HIFU, but for the final result you must wait up to three months. You can repeat the treatment after 18 months.

Vampire lifting

Vampire lifting owes its name to the use of the client’s blood. After special centrifugation red blood cells are separated from plasma, which is then thickened with an activating substance. In this way platelet rich plasma is created and the growth factors contained in it stimulate tissue regeneration processes, collagen production and support the creation of new blood vessels.

After such treatment, the skin is more elastic and taut, the tone is unified, and wrinkles are smoothed out. The vampire facelift is ideal for allergy sufferers – there is no fear of allergy as no synthetics are injected. However, contraindications include pregnancy, skin infection, active herpes virus and active systemic infection. This is a procedure that Kim Kardashian has promoted.

Volumetrics will improve the contours

Facial volumetry is primarily intended to improve facial contour and model it, without surgical interference. The procedure involves injecting under the skin a filler containing hyaluronic acid – in a specific way, depending on the expected results.

It is ideal for people with visible signs of aging, but also for those who want to give volume to the cheeks and model them, lift drooping folds of skin, slim the face or repair its oval. In addition, volumetric lifting eliminates the valley of tears, lifts deep nasolabial furrows or shapes the jaw line and chin. Additionally, hyaluronic acid moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it look even better. The effects persist for about 1.5 years.

Attiva – endodermal face lift

Attiva is a facelift that uses radio waves, which are delivered to the dermis using a special cannula. After the treatment, the skin is not only tightened but also lipolysis takes place, i.e. unnecessary fat is removed. Attiva is perfect for people with flabby skin, drooping cheeks, double chin or visible wrinkles. It gives truly spectacular results, although sometimes it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

Among the contraindications to perform endolifting are pregnancy and breastfeeding, active bacterial and viral infections, diabetes, cold, menstruation or heart, lung and liver failure.


A non-surgical facelift is also Resurfacing, during which a CO2 fractional laser is used. It helps to effectively deal with flabby, grayed and devoid of radiance facial skin. It also eliminates acne and surgical scars, pigmentation spots, wrinkles and furrows. The effect of the treatment is also a visible rejuvenation of the face, improving its oval, and even closing dilated blood vessels. Resurfacing works quickly and precisely. It can be performed in a series of three to five treatments.

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