Paintings at home – a way to spectacular interior metamorphosis
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Paintings at home – a way to spectacular interior metamorphosis

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Architecture, antique, abstract, geometry, fauna, flora – paintings on the wall can have different format and message. Thanks to them you can create a tailor-made interior, in an individual style, with personalized decorations.

Decorations create an interior

Arranging a space requires a lot of patience, time and money. Therefore, it is important to make well-considered decisions in order to enjoy a wonderful home with a look in accordance with our expectations.

Undoubtedly, you should focus on the fundamental issues – choosing comfortable furniture, the right appliances, a beautiful floor. Functionality is one thing, but if there is no aesthetics in it, then our efforts are in vain. Apartment without climate, character is simply boring. It is therefore necessary to take care of accessories and additions.

Paintings on the wall work wonders

Trying to decorate the interior, you should choose the style in which it is to be decorated. This decision will help in later selection of decorations, among others wall paintings. Their task is to complete the interior, emphasize its character and interests of the household members. Moreover paintings on a wall ideally change an interior – when we do not want to carry out a renovation, we hang a painting or change an already existing one.

It is important that paintings are consistent in terms of color and style with the rest of an apartment. They can effectively enliven an interior, optically brighten it, enlarge it, evoke the spirit of history or introduce a note of mystery. Everything depends on what is on them. You should also think about the size of the picture – whether it will be one big one on the wall or maybe a few smaller formats creating a harmonious whole. An interesting arrangement is also placing two paintings next to each other, kept in the same style.

Apart from dimensions, an important issue is also the color scheme – in subdued interiors it is worth to choose bright, contrasting paintings and vice versa. It is important to keep a balance in it all. Paintings on a wall are very universal and without any problem, they can be used in any interior, regardless of its size and style in which it was arranged.

Architecture is always a good choice

Paintings with architectural motifs and landscapes perfectly fit into a living room, bedroom, kitchen or corridor. Thanks to them you can feel like in another city or even on the other side of the world. They will prove themselves always and everywhere. Moreover, spatial graphics will give depth and three-dimensionality to your interiors and make them seem bigger. Paintings presenting architecture give a lot of arrangement possibilities. You can also choose a theme in black and white, in vivid colors or a night view.

Antique – the return of history

On the market there are various sculptures, busts, but not everyone likes this type of decoration or simply does not have space for them. Here the best solution is to put an ancient sculpture on the wall. Paintings inspired by the culture of antiquity are gaining popularity and are very original.

Their colors are subdued, full of harmony, usually black and white. Despite appearances, it is not difficult to introduce them into your interior – they perfectly match industrial and modern arrangements.

Abstraction and geometry – not everything has to be obvious

Works of art or just plain scribbles? Abstract paintings have many supporters who appreciate expressive decorations, which evoke emotions, detached from reality and also make you think and wonder, what they actually represent. These types of paintings for the wall perfectly enliven the surroundings.

It is similar with geometries on paintings. They also look very original and unusual. It is possible to combine with different patterns, their color and saturation, for example choosing them as a contrast to the interior.

Abstract paintings, as well as geometric images look great individually, but even better in pairs or in several pieces on one wall.

Fauna and flora – a unique world of nature

Invariably, animal and plant motifs always work well in homes. They are pleasant to look at, evoke positive associations, soothe the senses. There are countless designs to choose from. You can choose a variety of images of animals, up close, from a distance, in a huge enlargement. It is the same with plants – often paintings present leaves (monstery and ferns are a hit) or petals or grass in a macro close-up.

These types of paintings for the wall can also be in a large, non-standard format, or placed next to each other, for example, on one there is the head of an animal, next to the trunk, at the end its tail or the same plant, but in three different shots.

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