How do you create a workspace at home?
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How do you create a workspace at home?

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In recent months, in the age of coronavirus, more and more people have started working remotely. How do you prepare your workplace so that performing duties at home is as effective as those in the office?

When the outbreak of coronavirus broke out – many employers were forced to close their offices and send their employees to their homes to perform their duties there (if possible). It turned out that remote work has many advantages and many people appreciate it. However, in order to do so, it is necessary to prepare for it properly. But how to do it?

Prepare a place where nobody and nothing will distract you

As you know, in the office you don’t have to worry about the workspace – the boss prepares it for us. At home, however, we have to do it ourselves. It’s a mistake to think that it’s enough to sit anywhere and take a laptop on your lap. You should prepare a desk or a table, which will be located in a place where nobody will disturb you (or you yourself). It is also necessary to take care of a comfortable chair or armchair, on which we will spend many hours. If you have an inappropriate position, not only will it be difficult for you to focus on your work (you’ll be distracted by , e.g. the thought of your aching back), but over time you may develop more serious back problems.

In case you live alone – you don’t have to worry about peace and quiet either. However, if this is not the case, it is necessary to talk to your household members so that they do not talk to us or disturb our work. It is worth reminding them and making them aware that work at home is the same as in the office – only the place changes. That’s why we can’t chat, clean up or take out the trash every now and then. We have our tasks to do, for which we are paid by the boss

If you own a pet, it is good to make sure that your pet stays in another room for the duration of the work. Kitten or dog rather not explain why we do not have time to play – after all, we are at home. Therefore, it’s very likely that your pet would constantly distract you from your work.

Set a schedule for the day

Remote work requires self-discipline and good organization. That’s why it’s a good idea to write down the duties you have to perform on a given day. Having a glance at the schedule will help us mobilize for work and determine how much we have left to do.

Another issue – working hours. Many employers go easy on their employees and let them decide when to work. However, lying in bed for a long time and starting work later is not a good idea. You lose a whole day and become more lazy. In addition, over time we will probably grow frustrated that we do not have time, for example, for an afternoon outing with friends, because we sit in front of the computer until late. So it is best to work such hours as we would do in the office. It is worth noting that we do not waste time commuting anyway, so we will be able to sleep a little longer

Regardless of whether we work from home or from the office – we deserve a break. A moment of rest allows you to regenerate and collect your thoughts. It is worth to determine approximately at what time we go for a break and use this time, for example, for a walk, exercise, or even a short nap

Take care of your mental comfort and clothing

Do you have your favorite mug that you always drank your coffee in at the office? Maybe if you work remotely you should have one too? Will it be a mug that you, for example, will not drink from at other times of the day and that you will associate with performing your duties? It turns out that even such seemingly small things have an impact on mental comfort, and thus – the effectiveness of work. So it is worth taking care of the environment. Clutter will certainly not affect us well, so before we sit down at the computer, it is good to tidy up the room where we will be working

Clothing is also very important. It turns out that wearing pajamas or tracksuits all day may be comfortable, but it does not stimulate action and makes us less willing to work, we are still in lethargy. There is no need to dress up in dresses and shirts, but it is good to wear neat clothes in which we feel good. This will definitely improve our mood and translate into our approach to our duties

You should also know that everyone is different and everyone has to work out their own effective system of working at home. That is why it is worth learning from your own mistakes and trying different methods.

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