3 home fragrance ideas you can create yourself!
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3 home fragrance ideas you can create yourself!

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Home is our oasis of calm, a place where we can relax and regenerate after a hard day’s work. For many people, the family home is associated with scents that evoke childhood memories. It can be the smell of bread or mom’s favorite perfume. We can create the scent of home ourselves – how?

The autumn and winter climate is not necessarily conducive to pleasant fragrances in our homes. This can be caused by excessive heating, polluted ventilation or smog-polluted air, which we invite inside the apartment by opening the windows.

Smell is much more than a momentary pleasant scent to the nose. It defines a given place and, when it is characteristic, it allows us to remember it and start associating with it. There is a reason why, when we accidentally smell the perfume of an important person, our body immediately reacts to it, recalling the memories. It is the same with places! That’s why we should create a home that smells nice and makes everyone want to be there. We suggest how to take care of a nice fragrance for your home, so that you can enjoy it every day, not just on holidays!

Air humidifiers and scented candles

During autumn and winter, it is worth hanging ceramic air humidifiers on radiators. Apart from water, pour essential oils of your favourite scent into them. Surely, the smell will stay in the rooms for a long time. In addition, air fresheners are nice decorative elements in the design of the entire interior.

Wonderfully scented candles are an alternative to humidifiers. They smell of chocolate, fruits and even fresh laundry. In order not to get bored with them, we can use smaller and cheaper waxes, which we dissolve using a special fireplace. DIY (Do It Yourself) enthusiasts can make candles by themselves using, for example, the remains of old wax or a wick from another candle. You can add to them your favorite additives like: cinnamon and vanilla sticks or even coffee beans or cardamom.

Home methods for a nice fragrance

Simple and tried and tested ways to make your home smell nice are: fresh coffee beans put in a bowl and placed in the room. They absorb perfectly any odors (of course, mainly those unpleasant or too intense). But remember that coffee beans fade quickly and need to be replaced often.

Apples are also popular and naturally beautiful aroma (especially in autumn). It is enough to spread the fruit, for example, on a kitchen cupboard, and the interior of your home will automatically be filled with their sweet smell.

A beautiful scent in the house will be obtained by creating a mix of dried flowers, herbs and fruit peels. To strengthen or prolong the aroma of our mixture, we can sprinkle it with a few drops of essential oil. Many people prefer to use a linen bag filled with mint and hung on the radiator as a way to diffuse a beautiful scent throughout their home. Many people, especially at home with children, also prefer to create a scented “hedgehog”. This involves halves of oranges studded with cloves. It’s a simple way to bring out an aromatic scent, and it’s also great family fun.

Aroma wafting from the closet

Since our home can smell like a scented candle or seasonal fruit, it can also smell like our clothes. And how do you make the clothes in your closet smell longer? A proven method is to place between the parts of our closet fragrant bags made of mixtures of herbs with the addition of oils. We can make such bags on our own, but it is equally good to buy them ready-made in a store. Instead of scented bags we can also use a sheet of paper, which we will sprinkle with oil or perfume, and when opening a closet, the smell will gently activate and spread subtly through the apartment. There are many ways to smell beautifully at home. What scent we decide on depends on our individual tastes.

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