Do you know how to protect your tattoo so it stays clear longer?
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Do you know how to protect your tattoo so it stays clear longer?

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Nowadays, tattoos are done precisely and safely and consequently wounds also heal faster. If we want our tattoo to stay clear for years, we need to take proper care of it by taking care of our skin.

Before you decide to fix your favorite design on your skin, know the rules of proper tattoo care. Thanks to this it will look beautiful longer and what is important – it will be clear

How to take care of a tattoo right after the procedure?

The proper care of the tattoo, especially during the first days after the tattoo is important for its proper healing and appearance. It is thanks to prevention that our skin will regenerate quickly and the tattoo ink will stay in its deep layers.

After the tattoo is done the tattooist covers the inked skin with a food wrap or a special plaster. Later you can remove the foil and let the skin breathe. The wound should be washed with lukewarm water and soap. Remember also that a fresh tattoo should be dried with a clean disposable towel

Tattoo care step by step

Afterwards, we should take care of this sensitive area by applying a thin layer of lubricating ointment on the freshly made design. This is very important because the skin in this area tends to dry out

A few days after getting the tattoo, we wash it up to 3 times a day and still lubricate the wound, but no longer as generously as at the beginning because it is a good idea to start allowing more air into the area. After a few days after getting the tattoo, the wound should no longer ooze, so after about 2-3 days you can stop using bandages. Of course, we continue to wash and cream the area where we have the design tattooed. We can stop using protective pads and foil when we see that the wound is just healing. Our skin may itch at that time. Rest assured, this is a good sign. It means that the epidermis is regenerating. Under no circumstances should you try to scratch the tattooed area because by your own carelessness you can expose yourself to damage of the tattoo or even infection. It is best in such a situation to cool the skin with ice cubes and moisturize it well

What to do to keep the tattoo longer?

In order to take good care of the “condition” of our tattoo, we need to know that there are several stages of healing that we have to go through and that’s it! Everyone experiences the discomfort of tattooed skin differently. Some may experience all the discomforts doubly, while others won’t even feel the itching of the skin. However, in each case you need to bet on decent care. By taking care of our tattoo, we help the skin to recover faster, but also help the tattoo to keep its colors for longer

What to do when we want to keep the beautiful color of our tattoo? We should lubricate it with the right ointments. Which will be the best? It is worth to get a skin care cream such as Alantan plus. It would also be good to have in your medicine cabinet Diabetegen, that is a cream supporting skin regeneration and Reprintic – a protective cream for everyday skin care. It is also worth to ask our tattoo specialist what ointment he recommends right after getting a tattoo – after all he is a specialist in his field and he has done many tattoos, so he also knows perfectly how to take care of them.

How to take care of a tattoo after it has healed?

When the skin in the place of decoration is smooth and there is no irritation on its surface, it means that the tattoo wound is completely healed. It usually takes 2-3 weeks. However, remember that if you want your tattoo to be clear, you cannot stop taking care of it. It is very important to take care of the tattooed area on a daily basis and tattoo cream cannot be left aside. Proper ointments and creams will take care of moisturizing the skin. They also have antibacterial and protective properties. If you use moisturizing cosmetics systematically, then your tattoo will definitely keep sharp contours and clear colors for a long time.

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