What nurturing habits to incorporate into your life?
Beauty care

What nurturing habits to incorporate into your life?

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New year, new you! Make the new year even better for your skin than the last one. Find out what skin care habits you can start today!


It’s a must when it comes to healthy and smooth skin. Korean and Japanese women take great care of their skin by cleansing it regularly. They even use 3 or 4 cosmetics exclusively for this beauty ritual. First, remove impurities with a facial cleansing gel. It should have special exfoliating particles in it, which will reduce unwanted blackheads. Wash your face in circular motions and then rinse thoroughly with water. Many ladies use filtered or boiled water for this. Don’t forget a toner, which balances the pH of the skin. For acne-prone skin, we recommend toners with green tea or cucumber extract, which have a tightening effect on the pores. Slightly more mature skin requires delicate cosmetics, including a moisturizing toner with hyaluronic acid. If you’ve been wearing makeup, use a lotion before cleansing your skin with a toner. It collects accumulated impurities and has many valuable active ingredients.

Properly selected face cream

According to cosmetologists, the cream should be changed once in a while, so that the skin gets different nutrients. However, it is necessary to choose a cosmetic for our skin each time. If you feel that your skin is tight, slightly reddened and does not feel the former smoothness, you need a cream for dry skin. It should have in its composition glycerin to retain water in the skin, panthenol to soothe irritation and hyaluronic acid. Remember that even oily and problematic skin needs moisturizing. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, a better idea will be a delicate gel, which is quickly absorbed and does not weigh down the skin.

Facial massage and patting cosmetics instead of rubbing

Probably every woman knows this situation, when she hurriedly puts cosmetics on her face in the morning and runs out of the house to get to work. Unfortunately, even the best cosmetics won’t work if you rush to apply them. Take a few moments to massage it into your skin. In addition, this way of applying the product will improve blood circulation in the skin, so the active ingredients can better reach the skin. Facial massage will significantly firm your complexion, which will surely bring results after a few months of using such a home ritual. The oval of the face will be significantly improved and mimic wrinkles will be less visible and shallow

Eye cream

After the age of 26 the skin becomes less elastic, because it lacks collagen. The first mimic wrinkles can be seen in the eye area, where the skin is much thinner. It is time to start acting. A well-chosen, lightweight eye cream will help you. Find a cosmetic, which in its composition will have hyaluronic acid, collagen and calendula extract that reduces dark circles under the eyes. It is a good idea to gently pat the eye cream so that the cosmetic is absorbed faster

Masque once a week

In addition to moisturizing and cleansing the face, it is also worth using face masks, which have condensed active ingredients. Under the mask you can apply serum. Cosmetics will work much better then. Before applying a sheet or cream mask, cleanse your skin with a face gel. Pat a small amount of serum into your skin and only then apply the mask. This homemade ritual is sure to benefit your skin

Get enough rest and sleep

Nothing helps your skin like sleeping! Adequate rest and relaxation gives our entire body time to recover. If you take care of your sleep and relax, your skin will certainly thank you with a nice and radiant look. You will notice that it is better oxygenated and has a healthier tone.

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