4 ideas for a trendy look with shorts

4 ideas for a trendy look with shorts

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Short shorts are a summer closet staple. Shorts can be worn in many ways and combined with different accessories. How to style them to look trendy?

Short shorts are a must have on hot days. They are a less obliging alternative to miniskirts, but the right choice can also look very elegant. They do not require exaggerated styling and sophisticated accessories. However, it should be remembered that women’s shorts should be chosen according to your figure.

Remember that if you uncover your legs, the top should be more built-up, accessories stylish and make-up light. We do not want the whole look to look too sophisticated. So what is the best way to combine shorts with and which model to choose?

Classics, i.e. jeans

Each of us is sure to have at least one pair of jeans shorts in her closet. This is a casual choice, which is best for a casual day out with friends or for a walk on a summer day. Jeans love white T-shirts, which go well with sun-kissed skin. This is a look that will never go out of style

If you want to spice it up, you can put on some jewelry, choose a colorful handbag and a straw hat, which is perfect for summer. This look will emphasize your holiday style, and at the same time it will look trendy. For everyday wear short jeans shorts with a loose blouse, for work with a shirt

Elegant shorts

It’s true that short shorts have a sporty feel, but you can look just as elegant in them if you choose the right cut and pair them with a classic vest or jacket, for example. For a more serious look, wear leather shorts and a classic white shirt. Keep your accessories subdued

Leather shorts are a real eye-catcher and will surely make you stand out from the crowd. This proposition is not only for summer. If you put on tights, you can wear shorts all year round. Short shorts will look graceful if their length is not too short – preferably it should reach before the knee and the shorts should be made of a slightly thicker material, such as linen.

High-waisted shorts

This cut, in addition to being extremely trendy, perfectly masks some of the flaws of our figure. Suitable for women who want to hide a tummy and optically lengthen legs. High waist is a cut that masks, but at the same time emphasizes feminine shapes. Best matched with a short top or T-shirt, which can be put inside the pants. A blouse with a shorter front and an extended back will also look interesting.

Casual tracksuit

If you think sweatpants are just for sitting around the house, you’re quite wrong. Bloggers and influencers are showing on their social media that tracksuit short shorts are a warm weather choice that fits in with the trends. You can pair them with a tracksuit top or a simple top. This styling is perfect for an active day on vacation

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