10 plants that don’t need watering – inspiration for lazy and busy people
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10 plants that don’t need watering – inspiration for lazy and busy people

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Even with little time, you can enjoy beautiful flowers at home. Cacti, monstera, dracaena or aloe are just some of the plants that will survive in harsh conditions and without regular watering

Plants decorate any interior, but they do require care – regular watering, fertilizing, or providing adequate access to light. The good news is that even people who forget or travel a lot can have potted flowers at home without any problem. Here are 10 of the most popular plants which are not afraid of lack of water.

1. Monstera deliciosa

The monstera has been the trendiest pot plant of recent months. Its huge, dark green leaves with deep cuts attract attention and make it an unusual decoration of any interior.

It doesn’t require any special care either. Just water it once a week in summer and twice a week in winter. However, there is no problem if you forget about it. It is definitely better to “dry” it than “overwater”. Monstera does not tolerate lingering water in the pot.

2. Cacti

Of course, in this list can not miss the cacti and succulents that look beautiful on the windowsill, cabinet or floor. They take a variety of interesting shapes.

What is important, cacti store water so there is no need to water them frequently – you should do it only when the soil is dry. Be careful, excessive watering can cause the roots to rot.

3. Common aloe

Aloe is very often found in polish houses. The leaves have medicinal properties, therefore their pulp is used in production of cosmetics. Aloe is a leaf succulent, which also stores water.

It is enough to water it when the ground is dry, so on average once every two weeks. Too much water will definitely not serve it well.

4. Dracaena

Dracaena, also called dragon tree, can be purchased in almost every hypermarket. It is an impressive and undemanding plant – it will adapt itself to the conditions in which you place it. It can be bad if placed in full sun.

As far as watering is concerned, it is sufficient to water it moderately, once a week or even less during the winter months.

5. Guatemalan yucca

Guatemalan yucca is the most popular variety of yucca and resembles exotic palm trees. It makes a beautiful and very modern decoration in the room.

It does not require any special care. It is best to put it in a sunny place and water it twice a week.

6. Zamioculcas

Zamioculcas is ideal for forgetful people. It is referred to as an iron plant, easily adapting to the conditions it finds. Its unusual appearance and thick, dark green leaves draw attention.

Zamioculkas also stores water, so do not water it too often or it will simply rot. You can dry it out and nothing will happen to it – it is very hardy. It grows quickly in a bright place.

7. Sternberger’s foxglove

Sternberger’s foxglove is one of the most popular potted plants. It can find its way in almost any conditions, and its strengths include its ability to remove toxic substances from the air.

During the summer months it should be watered twice a week, but in winter less often – once a week. It cannot be overwatered, as it will then be beyond recovery.

8. Philodendron Xanadu

Philodendron Xanadu is an ornamental pot plant with leaves. It grows to a considerable size, so it can quickly cease to fit on a windowsill. It does not like frequent watering.

It doesn’t like frequent watering. You should do it when the upper layer of the soil is dry. It is a good idea to sprinkle the leaves from time to time.

9. Sedum stonecrop

Another plant for the undemanding is sedum burrito. It is soft to the touch and has a unique look with its pointed, cylindrical leaves. It is undoubtedly an original decoration in interiors.

Sedum burrito needs very sparing watering – even every 4 or 8 weeks. The rule of thumb is to water it when the soil is dry.

10. Aspidistra hauteur

The last proposal is the tall aspidistra – an iron plant and one of the easiest to cultivate. It tolerates both water deficiency and a shady position perfectly. It grows better in lower temperatures.

It should be watered twice a week in summer and once a week in winter.

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