How to create a cozy living room? 5 additions that will help in metamorphosis
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How to create a cozy living room? 5 additions that will help in metamorphosis

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An important role in every home is played by the living room – it is said to be its heart. How to make it cozy? Certainly additions will give intimacy. What should be bet on for a successful metamorphosis?

Living room – is a place where the paths of all household members cross. It is also usually the largest room in the house. That is why it should be representative, because after all, it is where we receive guests, but it is worth that it was primarily functional and cozy. We present 5 additions, which are worth betting on, so that our living room would become an oasis of peace for us

1. Warm wall colors

To make the living room becomes cozy, it is crucial to choose the right materials, colors and patterns. During the metamorphosis, it is worth betting on warm colors, such as beige, yellow oranges, olive green or still being an absolute hit – ecru. These shades will warm up the interior. However, if we prefer that the walls are in the shade of traditional white, then we should choose accessories in the above-mentioned shades

2. Without trinkets, but with copper and gold accents

Accents in the color of copper, brass, as well as old gold will give the living room elegance and grace. If the living room is to have an idyllic atmosphere, it is better to resign from silver and chrome trinkets, because they are reserved rather for palace, hi-tech (with high technology) and glamour arrangements. Many people are not able to imagine the living room interior without a bookshelf. After all, we spend a lot of time in the living room and when it is time to relax, we reach for a good book and sit in our favorite armchair. Wooden bookcases will work perfectly

3. Lace, embroidery, floral motifs – patterns in a cosy living room

What patterns are worth betting on to gain the status of a cozy living room? It is worth bet on floral motifs, embroidery and lace. To make your living room even warmer, go for thick materials such as wool, linen or velvet. Flower pots decorated with delicate lace are currently a fashionable accent. Anyone can make such a decoration on their own, thus creating an original addition to their living room

4. Family keepsakes

Nothing gives the living room an intimacy like family souvenirs – especially photos and trinkets brought from travels. And frames in your favorite colors can be placed anywhere in the living room. When we have more space at our disposal, we can think, for example, about a glass display case, which in a creative way will become our “memory corner”. Remember that we are limited only by our imagination. Every idea is good if it will make the interior of the living room more cosy

5. Hanging or floor lamps? Lighting is important

Appropriate light can perfectly correct the imperfections of the interior and visually change its proportions. And subtle, multi-source lighting warms up the interior. When we are planning a metamorphosis of our living room, it is worth to reach for hanging lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and fashionable wall sconces. Thanks to them we will be able to freely change the intensity of light and create exactly the mood we want in our living room.

The above suggestions, will work not only in the desire to metamorphose the living room at home, also living in a small apartment in the block, you can create a functional, and at the same time climatic and cozy living room. You only need to carefully consider each element of the interior and sensibly manage the space. Cozy living room is an interior, whose secret lies in the right accessories. The most important thing is to focus on the color palette, the play of light, the texture of furniture and their location in the living room and patterns that will make us able to rest and relax in the living room.

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