What is a hybrid top – is it worth using?
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What is a hybrid top – is it worth using?

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Have you started doing hybrid nails and are wondering whether you should also use the recommended hybrid top coat for this purpose? Read the following article and you will find out what it is, what types it is and if it is really worth using.

What is a hybrid top?

A hybrid top is used in the final stage of styling. The formula is mainly responsible for protecting the polish and the applied decoration against scratching, chipping and other mechanical damages. It is a kind of a fixative that makes it possible to enjoy an effective and always attractive hybrid stylization for a long time.

Types of hybrid tops

There are three types of tops for nails. One of the most basic products is a very versatile classic top, which gives the styling a glossy finish. When you apply it to your nails, a so-called dispersion layer appears on the nail plate, which is designed to bond the individual layers of the styling. This is a perfect choice for women who prefer impressive decorations.

On the other hand, ladies who prefer more subdued colors, we recommend matte hybrid top. It protects nails to the same extent as the first formula but makes the stylization look exceptionally elegant because it is velvety matte. These tops, due to the presence of the previously mentioned sticky dispersion layer after fixation in the lamp need to be washed with a cleanser.

The third type of hybrid top is no wipe, which is a product that does not need to be washed with a cleaner. Therefore, after curing with a lamp the style is ready. This is an attractive proposition for women who appreciate time saving, but still want to have beautifully presented nails. A wide selection of different types of hybrid tops can be found at

How to use hybrid tops?

When your nail design is ready, apply a thin layer of your chosen hybrid top and harden your nails in the lamp. If you have chosen a hybrid top with a dispersion layer, cover your nails with a cleanser after taking them out of the lamp. It is important to note that the correct application of the formula to the nail plate is very important for the durability and resistance of the design. When applying the hybrid top, make sure the whole surface is covered with it and most attention should be paid to proper painting of the tips. It is extremely important because if the free edges of the nail plate are not covered with the top thoroughly, it may lead to chipping of the polish.

Is it worth using a hybrid top coat?

As you already know, top for hybrids is called a fixative, which says a lot about its role. A perfectly executed hybrid styling can look great and catch the eye from a distance, however, you need to be aware that the visual appeal of hybrid nails consists not only of their impressive finish, but also durability. This can only be achieved by using a hybrid top coat. This is because these formulas are designed to maximally improve the durability of the styling and are distinguished by optimally composed ingredients in this regard. Women can therefore enjoy beautiful and damage-resistant nails for a long time.

However, a protective layer in a form of a hybrid top is not only protective because it is an excellent way to finish the styling. Just choose your preferred glossy or matte top and add an original look to your nails.

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