ABC of cosmetics shopping – or how to find the best products for our skin?
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ABC of cosmetics shopping – or how to find the best products for our skin?

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It can be normal, combination, oily or dry. Remember that before we decide to buy products to care for our skin, we need to know its type. It is the specific type of facial skin that determines the choice of appropriate cosmetics.

Finding the right cosmetics for our skin can be a real challenge. Those with normal skin type are the luckiest as they can choose from a wide range of products. Unfortunately, people with skin problems, such as acne, broken capillaries or allergy prone skin, have a bigger dilemma. In their cases they cannot do without specialized care and choosing the right preparations, and this choice can take a lot of time. Today, the cosmetics market offers a wide range of cosmetics for every skin type. However, this excess can make your head spin. On the shelves of drugstores we get serums, day and night creams, micellar lotions and many others. How to choose so that this choice turns out to be a hit?

Know your skin type!

As we mentioned earlier, the most popular are 4 skin types. So we can distinguish: normal, dry, oily and combination skin. By far the most desirable is normal skin, because it is characterized by an even tone and does not have any defects. Additionally, it is delicate, firm and smooth. This type does not require excessive care, and in particular the use of a significant amount of moisturizing or nourishing creams.

It is different in the case of dry skin. Unfortunately, this type is characterized by a tendency to flaking and a considerable roughness. When you have dry skin, you will probably also see blood vessels showing through. Dry skin reacts excessively to weather changes and elements. This type of skin is most common in mature women.

Oily skin, on the other hand, is problematic because it gets shiny and blackheads appear on it. This type of skin is usually encountered by adolescents during puberty. The appearance of acne is also one of the symptoms. Fortunately, oily skin is resistant to external factors. Mixed skin has the characteristics of oily skin (especially in the middle parts of the face) and normal and dry skin (in the side areas of the face) at the same time.

What else should be kept in mind before choosing the right skin care products? In addition to skin types, sensitivity is also important and may manifest itself differently for each skin type. The skin may overreact to tap water, cosmetics, atmospheric factors and pollution, it may also be prone to all kinds of allergies.

When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to your skin tone!

We distinguish between warm and cool skin tones. The warm type has elements of yellow and its tones, i.e. orange, pink or red. The cool type contains shades of blue. We can also distinguish the division of skin tone according to the seasons of the year and select cosmetics accordingly. Thus; in spring our complexion may appear as transparent porcelain with a slight flush. This time of year definitely belongs to the warm type. Summer, although it may seem that it will also be classified as the warm type, is the opposite. Summer is dominated by colors burnished by the glare of the sun. The autumn type is also a warm type, while winter is a cool type. People characterized by this type of beauty have a light complexion. It is extremely rare for their skin to develop a delicate blush.

What do I have to consider when choosing cosmetics?

Of course, when choosing cosmetics, we always pay attention to their composition, description and information about the skin type they are intended for. A good option is to use samples of a given cosmetic. After using them, after a few days, we can determine whether the preparation is conducive to the condition and type of our skin. And when adverse symptoms appear, such as burning, itching or tingling of the skin – this is a sign that the cosmetic is not for us.

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