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Interior in the retro style. Learn the rules of such arrangement

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Unique, original, ideal for people who appreciate the classics and furniture with a soul in a slightly modern version. We are talking about retro style, which is gaining more and more popularity. What should we follow to create retro interior? We have checked it out!

Retro style – what does it actually mean?

Retro style takes a lot of inspiration from the old times, namely from the 50s, 60s and 70s of the 20th century. It is full of vivid colors, geometric forms, fanciful patterns, plastic and metal. Interiors maintained in this convention may seem grandma-like, but in this strange chaos, everything harmonizes beautifully.

Retro interiors are distinguished by uniqueness and individuality. Let us remember that retro style will be obtained not only by using typical old things, but also things stylized on old. This style is based not only on furniture and objects with soul, which give unique atmosphere of old times. It is something more. Everything, apart from the purely visual sphere, must also be functional.

Parquet for the floor, wallpaper for the walls

In houses inspired by retro style, parquet floors should be laid either in a herringbone pattern or in a basket pattern. Alternatively, dark wood planks can be used. The walls should be mainly white, which is a great background for all furniture and colorful decorations. To break the trend, you can cover one wall with wallpaper or photo wallpaper with floral patterns or put a brick on it.

However, when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, a wooden floor will not work here and you need tiles. You can choose the iconic black and white checkerboard or colorful tiles with original geometric patterns. You can also bet on a low-budget option and lay the floor with linoleum. In the case of walls, the most in the retro style will fit the so-called subway tiles with a characteristic rectangular shape – smooth, toned or colored, or even in patterns.

The main point of arrangement – furniture with soul

The base of retro interiors is, of course, old furniture. They can be found at various auctions, fairs, bazaars or garage sales and can be slightly refreshed, restored, if necessary

Colourful upholstered furniture is a must – a comfortable sofa or a characteristic armchair with wooden armrests or upholstered chairs at the dining table. Also welcome are all wall units, sideboards, bureau cupboards, chests of drawers, benches and rounded bedside tables. If you don’t manage to buy original furniture from the old days, you can always go for stylized models.

Accessories have great power

In interiors decorated in a retro style can not miss the accessories. These are various types of posters and paintings in frames, potted plants and flowerbeds, lamps on wooden stands and colorful textiles and porcelain from Boleslawiec. In a retro climate also look good carpets on the floor, and on the dresser – a beautiful and stylish gramophone.

Main photo: Eduard Militaru/unsplash.com

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