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Boho interior. How to decorate your home in this style?

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Boho style interiors are very cozy. That’s why this style is so popular. It reigns above all in living rooms and bedrooms. Boho is a style inspired by nature, so it is versatile, as opposed to, for example, loft, where it is often exaggerated with accessories. See how to arrange a beautiful boho interior.

Neutral and bright colors

Boho style is all about nature, that is why strong, bright colors, not found in natural environment, do not match it. This does not mean, however, that the interior will be boring and bland. When looking for paints, materials, furniture and accessories for boho living room, you will be surprised how many shades of beige, brown, gray and green there are. All these colors also fit together wonderfully and work together in a very interesting way. Neutral colors don’t exclude patterns, so accessories don’t have to be plain

Natural materials

For a boho style living room or bedroom, bet 100% on nature. Wooden furniture, wicker seats and accessories, linen and cotton textiles. Choosing these materials, you will actually effortlessly create a natural, slightly hippie interior. In addition, buying natural materials is very ecological; not only that plastic and other plastics were not used in their production, but also they are usually of higher quality, and thus serve us for years, not just for a few seasons. An important aspect cannot be overlooked either; health. Natural materials allow the skin to breathe freely. You won’t get cold or overheated in cotton or linen bedding, and skin problems such as acne on your face or back, for example, will stop getting worse

The jungle at home

Accents of color in boho interiors are green plants. Their abundance diversifies the interior and makes it more cozy. Large leaves and different shades of green add a slightly exotic character to the decor, which will also build a more intriguing effect. Monsters, palms, yucca, but also, for example, cacti or succulents are well suited to the boho style. If you do not have a hand for flowers and heart for gardening, bet on plants that do not need a lot of water, those that you can forget about for a long time. On the other hand, if you love everything green and you enjoy looking after plants, choose beautiful, exotic plants for your bedroom or living room.

Additions and accessories

Boho requires quite specific accessories. It is associated with braided carpets, armchairs suspended from the ceiling, lots of pillows and blankets. Very characteristic for boho are also numerous macramas on walls and in the role of hanging pot covers. Hanging plants will surely make the interior more attractive, while pots standing on the floor can be placed in wicker covers. Wicker baskets can also be used for storing things on shelves.

If you love nature and everything connected with it, boho style is just for you. Earthy colors, natural materials, wood and wicker are the definition of this unique style.

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