Marble in the home space – where to use it?

Marble in the home space – where to use it?

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Natural stone is commonly used as a finishing element in various interiors. It is perfect for classic and modern arrangements, always adds a touch of elegance and luxury. It is also worth mentioning that it can be a perfect decoration of a given space, it is also characterized by excellent practical properties. Where is marble best suited? This stone with its unique look can be successfully used in the apartment. Find out more.

Properties of marble

Although marble has been popular for years and is mined from all over the world, if you want to use it in your home space, you should pay special attention to its practical properties. Marble is perfect for walls as a main decoration, fireplace or bathtub surround or bathroom countertop. However, it is not recommended as a kitchen countertop. It turns out that this noble stone is much more delicate than granite and because of that it can scratch and crumble and shows high level of water absorption. In the kitchen space it will therefore be exposed to grease or strong dyes that can permanently damage it.

Marble in the bathroom

Marble can be chosen according to its thickness, size, color or original decors in the form of “veins” passing through it. The wide range makes it easy for every investor to choose the perfect stone according to individual preferences, taste and sense of aesthetics.

RR Granity marble tiles with a dominant white color (for example the famous Carrara marble) will be perfect for the bathroom. The light tone of this small interior will optically enlarge it. White is also classic, which means that once a bathroom is finished it will last for many years. Its timelessness makes it always in trend.

Marble in the bathroom works perfectly. You can use it in the form of tiles on the wall in the shower area or as a bathroom countertop. It is also very often used for bathtub surrounds.

Marble in the utility area

Marble tiles should not be subjected to intensive exploitation that is why it is not advised to use them for flooring or stairs finishing. However, marble works well as a decorative element. You can successfully put marble pillars, use marble window sills or cover a fireplace with it. Marble is also very often used for decorative details such as flowerpots, vases and bowls.

In order to enjoy the excellent quality of marble tiles, you should choose this material only from reputable wholesalers, who can boast of many years of experience in the stone business. Moreover, you cannot save on marble, it is not a cheap stone, but the investment in such an element of finishing your home space is definitely worth it. Always take advice from professionals. Professionals will help you choose marble, not only taking into consideration current trends or the style of the room where the stone is to be used. They will suggest what size and thickness is best for the selected space so that the marble retains its properties for a long time.

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