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Avoid these mistakes when decorating your living room!

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Decorating your own apartment is a real fun, especially if it is your first time. The living room, where you spend most of your day and receive guests, deserves special attention. So what are the most common mistakes made when decorating it?

Too much furniture and objects

Do you feel as if the room is simply cramped when you enter it? The most important rule when decorating your living room should be to match the amount of furniture and items to the size of the room. If you have a small space for a living room, then don’t clutter it unnecessarily with unnecessary cabinets, an oversized sofa and a giant TV.

Bad lighting

Too glaring light placed at one point is something that can definitely spoil the mood in your living room. Opt for lighting that is distributed evenly throughout the room, such as small and discreet lamps in different places

Wrong colors

When choosing the color of the walls, do not follow fashion, but reason. Small rooms should be dominated by bright colors, which optically enlarge the room. Dark walls will make even less space in a small living room

Main photo: Yehleen gaffney/unsplash.com

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