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Are you standing in front of a closet full of clothes, browsing the hangers once again and not knowing what to wear? If you are running out of ideas for outfits and your closet seems simply boring, this article is for you. Here are a few simple tricks to keep your outfits fresh and original. People will look at you on the street and your friends will ask for fashion advice.

Discover the Polish gems

Probably everyone who dresses in chains had a situation at least once in his or her life when you saw someone dressed exactly the same way on the street. And if not, you’ve probably seen elements of your own closet in passing people. A blouse here, a handbag there… Not to mention how harmful fast fashion is for the environment. Above all, if you dress only in chain stores, you will miss one thing – originality. Nobody says that it’s wrong to be inspired, quite the contrary! We call for inspiration from catwalks and top designers. The people who design clothes for popular stores, which you can find in every shopping mall, do the same. They get inspired. If you want to wear the latest trends that shout about your fashion individualism, dress in Polish stores such as Bopoco. Polish brands are not only about supporting your home business, but also about standing out in the crowd!

One of a kind

A great way to stand out from the crowd is to modify your clothes and accessories with your own hands. It doesn’t take much. You don’t have to know how to sew or spend every weekend at the sewing machine. All you need are patches, the possibilities of which are truly endless! You can find ones that relate to pop culture, music, film, or even worldview. For inspiration you can look for example at:, after all, motorcyclists are even specialists in improving their styling with patches!

Colourful total look

Looking around your friends or even walking down the street in your town, you are bound to see people wearing the ‘total look’. This simply means wearing a certain color. Unfortunately, although this trend is popular – and often unconsciously applied – the most popular colors are black, grey or beige. If you want to stand out in the crowd, go for a color that will draw the attention of others. Let it be an intense pink, red or purple. Choose a color that suits your skin tone, but make sure it’s not faded or dull-whether you go for strong hues or this season’s trendy pastels. Opt for a color-matching skirt and blouse, an outfit or an elegant suit. Next time you shop online, such as Perso, see if you can compose a uniform look… And don’t be afraid that it will make you look pale. It will be quite the opposite!

Carry your hobbies with you

Everyone has some interests and passions. Pop culture surrounds us from all sides and it’s worth taking advantage of that. How? Well, in the form of T-shirts or sweatshirts printed with your favorite movies, TV shows, books or the music you listen to. No matter what your passion is, you will be able to find clothes that match your personality. Or maybe you just prefer to be inspired by your passions? Subcultures have always been based on the styles of the known and liked. You can do the same! Another great option is screen printing, which is a very simple form of applying prints to fabric. You’re sure to find a print shop that will put your favorite quote on your favorite t-shirt or bag, which you’ll go shopping with from now on. This way of standing out from the crowd can also be combined with patches and badges – just make sure they relate to your passions!

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