How to make trendy boho style vases or candle holders?

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Boho style is largely created by small elements and decorations. If you’re a fan of it, on Instagram and Pinterest your eyes have surely already been caught by popular vases and candlesticks decorated with macramé. You can easily and quickly make them yourself!

Macramé is the quintessence of boho style. Its most popular form are large flat wall decorations. But you can decorate not only walls with macramé braids! In interiors now fashionable are jars decorated with them, which in different ways bring boho atmosphere to the interior

Such jars are perfect as lanterns and tealight holders. You can use a bottle or a large jar to make a vase to decorate your living room. A medium sized jar can also be used as a container for anything you like. You can use it to bring a boho vibe to your home office by keeping pens in it or you can use it on your dressing table to hold your makeup brushes

Depending on the time you want to devote, you can cover a larger or smaller area of the jar, decorate just the top or the whole thing. You can opt for simple or more complicated weaves. It all depends on your desire, because you can quickly learn the weaves. However, even with simple weaves the decorations look beautiful and effective. You can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest, as well as tutorials on how to make them step by step.

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