DIY cosmetics travel organizer

DIY cosmetics travel organizer

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July and August, and even September, are months when we leave home more often, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. On a dream vacation or even a weekend trip we need to take not only clothes but also our favorite cosmetics. We suggest how to quickly create a practical travel organizer for beauty products on your own

Before a trip there are always many questions about which cosmetics to take with us in our suitcase. We would love to teleport our entire bathroom to make sure we don’t run out of anything while on vacation. Unfortunately, we often have to limit ourselves to just the essentials.

This is where the tricks and tricks you can use while packing and various types of travel organizers come to your aid. With our tips, completing your travel makeup bag will be a less stressful task. Here are some tried and tested ways to pack your cosmetics. It will be much easier to prepare a list of products, which are essential for your luggage.

3 ways to pack cosmetics for vacation

1. Travel organizer using a towel

A great method, which will allow us to take the most necessary things for a weekend trip, is to make your own travel organizer for cosmetics. This is a practical gadget that we can take with us to the shower cabin, knowing that it contains everything we need.

All you need to do is to use a small white towel, which you fold in half and then sew its sides together with white thread. Also, using the thread, create pockets by running the needle perpendicular to the edge of the towel. It depends on us whether we prepare 4 or 8 pockets. Finally, sew to the edge of the towel satin, decorative ribbon, so that the organizer turns into an easy to pack roll. Inside, place your favorite washcloths, toothbrush or hairbrush accessories.

2. Clever box for carrying creams

When you’re going somewhere for a week or less, it doesn’t make sense to take a whole pack of face moisturizer. A great way to cleverly transport your favorite product is to use a lens box. Use a spatula to put as much cream as you will need during your trip into the resealable container. This is a great way to save space in your suitcase.

3. Vacuum bags instead of a cosmetic bag

Another idea that will allow you to take a more practical approach to packing your cosmetics is putting your favorite beauty products in vacuum bags. This saves a lot of space because you will pump out the excess air from inside. Cosmetics will then only take up as much space in the suitcase as their actual volume has

Some people even go a step further and try to pump out the air from inside the bottles. This is especially useful when you are traveling by plane and have a limited amount of luggage. It is worth remembering that in hand luggage we can carry cosmetics and liquids only in packages with a capacity of up to 100 ml. So it is better to put the cosmetic bag in the registered luggage.

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