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How do you properly care for your mental health?

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You buy numerous supplements, take vitamins, and at the same time eat well and exercise regularly. You do all this with your health in mind. However, when you surround yourself with negative information, which in times of pandemics is not difficult to find, and you are constantly stressed or upset, your mental health suffers. So how do you take care of it properly?

While we often try to take more or less care of our health, we tend to forget about mental balance. This results in chronic stress, lack of adequate night rest, decreased immunity, hair loss, as well as susceptibility to a number of diseases. Therefore, it is extremely important, especially in these difficult times, to also take care of your mental health.

1. Cut yourself off from negative information

Every day you are bombarded with negative information. New cases of COVID, accidents on the road, further restrictions on isolation or problems at work. The accumulation of negative news adversely affects your psyche, resulting in constant stress, irritability and annoyance. The longer you subject yourself to this state, the worse you sleep, and your body has increasing difficulty with proper digestion and immunity.

Therefore, if you notice similar symptoms in yourself, limit your use of social media, news browsing, television and newspapers. It’s important to avoid these types of things both in the morning, as you’ll mood yourself with negative energy for the day, and in the evening before bed.

2. Meditate

If you have trouble concentrating, are irritable, and circling thoughts are keeping you awake or working, try meditating. Put on some calming music and breathe deeply. You can count your breaths or simply try not to think about anything. This will help you calm down and relax.

3. Appreciate yourself and say nice things to yourself!

It may sound strange, but saying nice things to yourself in front of the mirror subconsciously puts you in a good mood. So appreciate yourself every day, for example, for what you have done or achieved.

4. Meet with loved ones

Of course, in the era of pandemonium, this is a bit difficult. However, you can meet your friends online at will and even do online parties. This will allow you to feel a substitute of normalcy and also soothe your anxiety.

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