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First tattoo – what should you know before you get one?

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Tattoos, despite the fact that they still arouse controversy, are becoming more and more popular method of decorating the body with original designs. However, if you want to get a tattoo on your body, the idea alone is not enough. Other issues that will guarantee full satisfaction are also important. We invite you to read!

Where to get a tattoo in order not to regret your decision?

First and foremost you need to remember that tattoos stay with us permanently. That is why before deciding to get a tattoo you should seriously consider where on your body you will get it and what color and pattern it should have

. Of course there is a possibility to remove the pigment from the skin, but it is connected with high costs, huge pain and it doesn’t guarantee that no unsightly trace will be left. For the first tattoo it is safest to choose a place that is not very visible. It can be an arm, leg or back. It is also worth remembering that the thinner the skin, the more painful the tattooing procedure will be. That is why it is advised not to choose ribs, neck or the top part of feet especially for inexperienced people.

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How to prepare for a tattoo

Before getting a tattoo, you should familiarize yourself with these few rules:

  • Choosing the design- once you have decided to get a tattoo, you need to think carefully about the design and how it should be done. Simply determining the shape is definitely not enough to go for the procedure. There are different tattooing techniques and the same design may look different.
  • Thespecialty of the tattoo artist and the studio – after choosing the design you need to find a studio that will do the design and finally the tattoo itself. Many tattoo artists specialize in specific styles, so not everyone may be willing to take on, for example, lettering.
  • Tattooingtime – after finding a studio and choosing a design, you should get acquainted with the tattooing time and choose a date when you will definitely have the whole day free. This is quite important especially in case of large tattoos where the session may take up to 12 hours. It is also important not to be late for your tattoo. Tattoo artists have a specific time per client and such untimely arrival can delay the next person’s procedure.
  • Range of pain- Before getting a tattoo, you should read about the range of pain you have to endure while getting the procedure done at that particular place. The main rule of thumb is the thinner the skin, the greater the pain, so tattoos in the groin, for example, are discouraged to begin with.
  • Price- if we want our tattoo to make us happy every time we look at it, then unfortunately we have to reckon with high price that should be paid to tattoo artist for his work. Price for a small design in a good studio is about 150 PLN. The price mainly depends on the size and time spent on tattooing. When making an appointment in the studio it is best to ask for the estimated cost of the full service.

How to care for the tattooed area?

The safest thing to do is to ask your tattoo artist after your procedure how to care for your tattoo.

There are many techniques for caring for a fresh tattoo. Some studios apply a special film over the completed artwork, which keeps it from drying out. Others, on the other hand, use just the opposite method. It all depends on the place where the tattoo is done and the artist himself, so it is best to familiarize yourself with this before or immediately after the procedure.

What not to do right after the procedure?

The things you should not do right after getting a tattoo are quite a few. First of all, you should not consume alcohol because it thins the blood and this can negatively affect the tattoo. Also, you should not wash the given piece of skin with various types of scrubs and sponges. Tattoos should also not be tanned

, as this can affect the saturation of the pigments. It is best to ask the tattoo artist how to take care of the tattoo, who should fully explain this issue.

Getting a tattoo itself does not require any special knowledge, but taking care of a tattoo and choosing a design requires a lot of time and patience. When choosing a design it is best to think whether it will not disturb us in any way e.g. in our professional life. Unfortunately, in many professions tattoos are an obstacle to finding a well-paid job. All factors should be considered before making such an important decision.

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