The baguette handbag has held its own for several seasons now – check out how to style it

The baguette handbag has held its own for several seasons now – check out how to style it

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Baguette handbag is the most fashionable accessory at the moment. Women all over the world are crazy about it. If you think that it is impractical and difficult to create a good-looking styling with it, we will lead you out of this mistake! Learn four ways to create original outfits with the baguette handbag in the leading role.

The baguette handbag has been in our closets for several seasons in a row, but its history goes back even more than a dozen years. All thanks to the Italian fashion house Fendi, specifically Silvi Venturini. She was inspired to design an unusual handbag by a visit to Paris. The people there walked around the city with wheat baguettes under their arms – Silvia went a step further and decided to create a handbag that would refer to the Parisian bread both in shape and name.

Thus, in 1997, the baguette handbag model came to light. Although it was initially considered bold and innovative, it quickly gained a crowd of fans. The elongated handbag was proudly carried by Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Julia Roberts.

After 23 years, Fendi decided to resume production of the iconic handbag. The idea was quickly picked up by other fashion houses, such as Prada, and popular chain stores. Thus, elongated handbags on a short strap, which is used to carry them under the armpit, began to break new records of popularity. Today they are worn by all the top celebrities and influencers. There is no indication that we will soon forget about them.

Baguette bag to denim katana

If you are looking for the perfect summer outfit, we have something for you! Put together an airy white dress, a loose denim katana and, of course, a baguette-shaped handbag. It is worth opting for a braided model, which will replace the equally fashionable basket this season. On your feet put comfortable espadrilles, string flip-flops or sandals. Look perfect both for the city and the beach ready!

Baguette bag to shirt dress

If you want a casual and comfortable summer look, put on a loose shirt dress. For your own comfort, you can wear biker boots underneath. Platform flip-flops and large square sunglasses will add a stylish touch. If you want to emphasize the waist, tie the dress with a thin belt. The icing on the cake of the whole styling will, of course, be a baguette handbag.

Baguette handbag for work

Baguette handbag will be perfect not only for parties or summer outings, but also for work. This model perfectly matches an elegant women’s suit. The whole will be complemented by stylish heeled pumps. For the evening you can replace them with heavy martens, and the business shirt – with a sports top.

Baguette bag for a sporty look

Baguette works perfectly really in any edition, including the sporty one. Combining it with a crop top and cargo pants will create an original and distinctive combination reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s. On your feet put comfortable martens or sneakers to further emphasize the sporty atmosphere of the styling.

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