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Learn tricks to make your bedroom look bigger!

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Bedroom is special because it is the most intimate room in the house. We can regenerate and relax in it. However, to feel well in its comfort, it is worth to make it spacious. Learn tricks, thanks to which it will optically enlarge.

Every change starts with an idea. When we are going to change our bedroom, it is worth to have an interesting idea, which will be transformed into a concrete plan! And it is time for changes! Where can we get them from? Interior design catalogs, Internet or our friends, who have decorated their bedrooms in an interesting way, may be helpful. The only thing that limits us is our imagination.

First paint

When our bedroom is small and we want to optically enlarge it, start with wall color. Bright colors make the room look bigger than it really is. This trick is known and used for years by interior designers and although many consider it a myth, they are wrong! It is a fact, the brighter the room, the more spacious it appears. It is worth finding out for yourself.

Furniture selection

In a spacious room, placing furniture is not very troublesome, no matter how we place it, we will always have enough space. What in case our bedroom is small? Then we should think mainly about our comfort. It is definitely better to place bedside cabinets on both sides of the bed than one big chest of drawers. An interesting and practical option is also furniture, which can be built-in and which holds a lot of things

As with the walls, the shade of the furniture should also be light. Massive furniture, in dark colors and, worst of all, with abundant ornaments, may only make matters worse and stifle an already small bedroom to a smaller size.

Mirrors or a good idea?

Mirrors are not appreciated in small rooms, and this is a huge mistake. With the help of mirrors, a small bedroom is optically enlarged. So where is the best place to hang or fix them? The front of the closet will definitely be a suitable place for a mirror. Most people in interior design choose free standing mirrors. Unfortunately, they can cause problems because in combination with the racks on which they are placed, they will take up a lot of valuable space.

It is also a better idea to hang things rather than put them up. In the bedroom, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the wall space. It is not, of course, about hanging shelves on each wall, because then we can achieve the opposite effect. An interesting and practical solution is a shelf above the bed where you can also put some lamps – they are useful when reading books in the evening.

What about the bed?

In large bedrooms beds are usually placed in the central part of the room. However in smaller rooms, often where the room is narrow, it is better to resign from placing a sofa bed in such a place. The best option will be to place the bed simply against the wall. Immediately we will have more space for a free passage.

Bedroom being at the same time a living room

Sometimes it happens that our bedroom serves as a living room at the same time. The less unnecessary things in it, the better. A comfortable, folding couch will be much more useful than a bed, which cannot be folded. And we will sleep comfortably, and our guests won’t complain about the lack of comfort, because they wouldn’t feel it on a bed, which unfortunately doesn’t fold down.

Remember a few simple tricks, and your bedroom will indeed become bigger. Choose light colors of walls, try experimenting with mirrors, which will additionally optically enlarge it. Choose light and bright furniture too. Curtains, which look heavy, can be replaced with more comfortable and space saving roller blinds or thin, airy curtains e.g. made of tulle. Don’t forget about the wall space either, it is worth using it instead of cluttering every corner.

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