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Learn how to care for ferns!

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Ferns are beautiful but demanding flowers. You can take care of them so that they look beautiful for a long time. Learn tricks to keep these flowers looking great in your home.

Water them often

In their natural habitat, ferns grow in shady, moist places. They will need a little more water in a home environment. To keep the soil in the pot moist, you can add expanded clay to the soil to keep it moist. It is advisable to keep the pot on a special tray with water. Remember to make small holes in the pot with the fern. The plant will draw water from the saucer by itself

Take care of the right temperature in the room

Ferns do not like too high temperatures. They may wither then. The optimal temperature for them is between 19 and 22 degrees Celsius maximum. The pot should not be placed near a radiator.

Ensure access to light

Ferns like to have access to light. Many people place them in hanging pots by a window so that the plant has adequate access to sunlight.

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