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Top 5 Latest Styles of Unisex Boxer Briefs That Last Long

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Unisex boxer briefs are one of the hottest fashion trends to hit the underwear world in years, and they’re here to stay! A great gender-neutral choice, unisex boxers  were previously reserved for women, but brands like Lucky Skivvies are making them popular among men too. If you’re looking to stock up on stylish underwear that will last long, these five latest styles of unisex boxers should be at the top of your list! 

The rise of gender-neutral clothing

Of late, there has been a rise in gender-neutral clothing and fashion accessories. The demand for unisex boxers and briefs is also one such development. Gender neutral underwear does not necessarily imply that they are more appropriate for men than women but are simply designed to be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender.

Beyond just gender-neutral underwear, there are a number of different types of unisex boxers. Here is a list of the top 5 latest styles that last long.

Printed Briefs

A good way to incorporate gender-neutral briefs into your wardrobe is by wearing printed boxer briefs. Printed boxer briefs provide a little more visual interest than just solid color boxers, making them a fun piece to wear as part of a more traditional outfit. For instance, you can wear these under suit pants or jeans and still look put together. When it comes to prints you can try out quirky and unique prints such as elephant print unisex briefs, panda boxer briefs, pide avocado boxer briefs, and whatnot. Printed boxer briefs also make for an excellent gift idea for those friends who are difficult to shop for! 

Camouflage Boxer Briefs

Camouflage is one of those styles that will never get old. Camo is a classic. These boxer briefs are created with our ultra-soft breathable micro modal fabric, have contrasting camo elastic waistband and 1/4′′ leg seam, perfect for daily wear all year round. Get these Camouflage Unisex Boxer Brief today! 

Floral Printed Unisex Boxers

Floral prints seem to be part of our culture that attracts people from all over and from both genders. This is why you will find men and women alike wearing floral print clothing, especially when it comes to underwear like boxers or boxer briefs. The best thing about these types of boxers is that they can be worn by anyone, no matter what gender or sexual orientation you are. They are also known as gender-neutral briefs, meaning that anyone can wear them regardless of whether they are male or female. These boxers come in many different colors such as black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, and even pink!

Geometric Print unisex boxers

A geometric print is fun and daring. In addition to a fun design, these underwear are also super comfortable. They come in neutral colors so you don’t have to worry about gender confusion. Plus, they’re made with high-quality materials that will last you through washes.

Solid Color Unisex Boxers

Another gender neutral underwear option is solid color boxers. Available in both low and mid-rises, these briefs are made from soft fabric and provide a comfortable fit. Solid color boxer briefs are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. You can find them in a range of colors online as well as in stores.uni

Buy unisex boxer briefs from Lucky Skivvies

Lucky Skivvies sells an impressive range of unisex boxers, bringing gender-neutral underwear to mainstream markets. Whether you’re looking for colorful, monochromatic, or stylish boxer briefs, Lucky Skivvies offers an impressive range. Browse through a selection of fashion-forward designs and patterns that will appeal to both men and women. If you want to be bold in your boxer brief choices, consider purchasing a pair from Lucky Skivvies today!

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