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Barbecue party – how to style yourself for the occasion?

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With the beautiful weather, the barbecue season has begun. It is worth considering what to wear for such an occasion. Since a barbecue takes place outdoors, usually in the garden, the weather conditions must be taken into consideration. Let us tell you what style works best for you!

Dress or pants?

Above all, your outfit should be comfortable. The informal dress code gives you plenty of room for manoeuvre. You may decide to wear a dress with sports shoes. A combination of sporty and elegant style is a perfect solution. If you decide on a dress, skip the material that easily stretches or gets damaged. A good choice is a dress made of denim or cotton, matched with a zip-up sweater or a denim jacket. But make sure you feel comfortable and that the style does not restrict your movements. The temperature at night will be lower, so make sure you have some warm outerwear. If you decide to wear pants, choose high-waisted ones. They will emphasize your waist and make your figure look slimmer. You can opt for a top or a strapless blouse. Be sure to wear it with pants


If you wear makeup every day, do makeup that you feel good in. A highlighted eye and lipstick will definitely add to your femininity. If you opt for red lipstick, choose a waterproof one. Red looks great with any outfit and adds a touch of class. If you don’t wear make-up every day, maybe it’s time to change? It doesn’t have to be flashy or intense. Go for a natural ‘make-up no make-up’!

Apply a light shadow on the middle of your eyelid, maybe one that reflects light. Treat the crease with a darker brown to emphasize it and give it three-dimensionality. Repeat the process on your lower eyelid. Make sure the darkest accent is on the inner part of the lower and upper eyelids. Going towards the inner corner, smudge the shadow. You can finish already at this stage. I also suggest highlighting the inner corner. Brush your lashes and emphasize the shape of your eyebrows with gel or shadow. We do not recommend using a heavy coverage foundation. It can get “cakey” when combined with high temperatures. Apply a BB cream to your face to even out your complexion and cover imperfections. A little bit of highlighting product and bronzer will do the trick. You can add a little blush and blush. Spritz your completed makeup with a fixer to make it last longer.


If your outfit does not include eye-catching elements, you can go crazy with accessories. Wear a belt with a wide buckle. Wondering how to accentuate your waist? A wide velcro belt is the perfect accessory. Also choose an interesting necklace or dangling earrings. Remember not to overdo it, though. Match your outfit with a bag or go for a backpack. A fashionable backpack will certainly give you more freedom and will fit more items. If you decide to take a handbag, choose one that can be slung over your shoulder

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