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How to sew a scrunchie yourself? It’s super easy!

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All you need is a piece of fabric, a needle and thread and a bit of time. As a result you will save a dozen or so zlotys and you will get an ultra fashionable accessory which is back in fashion again. Make it yourself!

What is a scrunchie?

The scrunchie is a crinkly scrunchy, which was an unquestionable hit in the 80s and 90s. It was worn with high ponytails and teased bangs. Today, the scrunchie plays a starring role in both ponytail and polite braid hairstyles. Sometimes girls also wear them as a hand adornment.

How to make it yourself?

Start by buying a material such as cotton or velour, you can also cut a piece from unused clothes.

Prepare a rectangle, preferably 10 cm wide by 30 cm long. Fold the fabric in half, and then sew the open edge by hand or with a sewing machine using a straight stitch.

We have now obtained a tube. We need to turn it over to the other side. Next, we need a piece of elastic, one end of which we stuff onto a safety pin and pull across the fabric. Tie the ends of the elastic tightly together. Fold one edge of the fabric to the middle (1 cm) and insert the other one into it

With a needle and thread sew together the two ends, so that the thread is as little as possible visible

Now it is enough to stretch the terry a little and spread the fabric evenly.

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