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You’ll love these 4 nail polish remover tricks

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Painting your nails at home can be a real nightmare, so more and more often we entrust this task to a professional. Learn a few tricks with nail polish remover that will make your manicure easier.

Some cosmetic procedures are best left to professionals because of the level of difficulty or the tools needed to perform them. Nail painting is one of the activities that you can handle yourself. To properly perform a manicure without visiting a beauty salon, you undoubtedly need to make an effort. Among other things, nail polish remover will be helpful for this purpose. Prepare it and try out 4 tricks, thanks to which you will get a beautiful and long-lasting manicure like the one done by a beautician

1. Painting the edges

Probably the most difficult thing in painting nails is to precisely reach the edges with a brush, so that the entire surface of the plate is evenly covered. Surely, more than once you have gone beyond it and accidentally flooded the cuticles. How to avoid this unsightly mishap? Using a cotton ball or a cotton bud, apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails. Its greasy consistency will prevent the polish from sticking to the smeared surface and the cuticles will remain protected. When the nails are already painted, simply rub off the Vaseline and use nail polish remover to get rid of the imperfections.

2. Washing off strong polish

If you’re a fan of glitter nail polishes, you probably know how difficult it is to wash them off afterwards. The biggest problem is the crystalline particles, which strongly adhere to the plate. The advantage of these products is their durability, which turns into a real nightmare when removing the polish. Here is a method that will change that. First, soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover as you normally would. Then apply it to your nail and wrap it in aluminum foil. Repeat the procedure on all your fingers and then wait a few minutes. When you pull the cover off, the polish will come off without any problem.

3. Your own nail polish remover

Nail polish removers that you can buy at the drugstore are sometimes inconvenient to apply and also less effective. To remedy this, you can create your own version of this peculiarity. To do this, prepare a small jar, a sponge and, of course, the remover. Cut the sponge in such a way that it fits perfectly in the jar, but so that it leaves some space for your finger. Then just pour the remover over the material and use it to get rid of the varnish. Once you put your finger in the jar, the polish will disappear from your nail.

4. Fixing the polish

Even if you don’t need to wash off the previous layer of polish, it’s a good idea to wipe each nail with polish remover before you start painting. This will make any dirt and greasy stains disappear from their surface, which, as we know, are not conducive to polish retention. Sometimes an unnoticed tiny element in the form of a thread or dust makes defects visible after painting the nails, and the whole manicure can be washed away. Treatment with a remover will allow you to paint your nails evenly, and what’s more, your homemade manicure will last longer thanks to it

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