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How to create waves using a flat iron? Here’s how!

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Waves are a style suitable for everyday wear or special occasions. Here is how to create them easily at home using a flat iron.

Curling hair with a flat iron is a great alternative to traditional methods like rollers or even the curling iron. The desired result, soft romantic waves, can be created quickly and easily.

Start by shampooing your hair. Then take care of it by applying products such as conditioner, oil or styling mousse.

Then get your equipment ready. Your straightening iron should be set at an optimal temperature of 180 degrees. If you have really fine strands of hair, it is better to lower it.

The next step is to comb your hair thoroughly. Then divide your hair into sections and pin the sections you want to work on second to make things easier for yourself.

The actual procedure is to roll each of the strands around the straightener, starting from the roots. Finally, slowly pull the tool through to the end of the strand and release the clamp. All that’s left is to fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

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