Conditioners – the secret to beautiful and healthy hair
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Conditioners – the secret to beautiful and healthy hair

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Hair care is the key to healthy looking hair. There is a growing awareness of hair care, which can be seen even on the street when you pass women with gorgeous, shiny hair. How do you get started with conscious hair care and enjoy gorgeous, thick and shiny hair? We tell you how!

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To be beautiful and healthy, hair needs three elements

  • proteins, which are the building blocks of hair and are responsible for its regeneration,
  • emollients, or protective substances, which coat the hair and make it resistant to damage,
  • humectants, or humectants, are hydrophilic substances that capture moisture from the air and bring it deep into the hair

If you use these three elements in the right proportions on a regular basis, your hair will thank you with a great looking hair care product

How do I find the right ingredients in hair care products?

Emollients are mainly oils and greasy substances. Each hair porosity likes a different type of oil. For low porosity hair choose oils with saturated fatty acids, for medium porosity hair will like monounsaturated acids and for high porosity use oils with polyunsaturated fatty acids. Emollients weigh hair down slightly to prevent frizz, plus they make hair smoother and a well-done oil treatment can work better than a flat iron. Emollients also protect hair from damage and from drying out. Oils are the perfect finishing touch, as they lock in all the ingredients that you provide in your hair care. As a finishing cosmetic, you can choose Kérastase products. The emollient conditioner from this company makes hair wonderfully shiny.

Humectants are ingredients, which moisturise your hair from within. These ingredients include for example aloe vera, sugar, honey, rose water or other plant hydrolate, plant extracts, glycerine and bamboo gel. If your hair lacks shine, has little elasticity and frizzes easily, it needs humectants

Proteins are the basic building blocks of hair. The most effective in hair regeneration is keratin, which already occurs naturally in hair. Other proteins you can find in conditioners include milk, collagen, silk, and from the vegan options pea protein, soy and plant milks

How do I apply conditioner to my hair?

How you apply conditioner depends largely on its consistency. Very thick, rich masks are best applied to wet hair using the “praying hands” method, i.e. by dragging the mask with your palms folded flat. For rarer, lighter masks you can simply apply the mask casually, as you’ll need to brush the conditioner through your hair anyway. Regardless of the consistency of your hair mask, after initially applying it to the lengths and ends of your hair, distribute the product thoroughly by brushing it through your hair. This method ensures that all hair is thoroughly covered with the product and increases its effectiveness. After working the product into your hair, which should take between one and two minutes, hold the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes

Hair care may seem time-consuming and complicated, but once you learn the basics of hair care and develop a good and effective routine, it turns out to be no hardship. Proven cosmetics, patience, and diligence are the three keys to success in hair care, but don’t worry, the results you start to see will motivate you to take action

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