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Kessa glove – the Moroccan way to smooth and supple skin

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The Moroccan way to beautiful and smooth skin is extremely effective. One of the elements, which passed from the Turkish hammam to the Western world, is a natural glove Kessa, which directly from Morocco came to our drugstores to even better care for our skin. Let us check its unusual properties.

What is a Kessa glove?

The Kessa glove is made from natural flax and cotton, usually in proportions 70% flax and 30% cotton. It can be used after slightly moistening with water, and is also a great substitute for a traditional sponge. Both linen and cotton are extremely gentle on the skin. They can be washed, including by hand. Machine washing is also recommended for better hygiene. The Kessa glove has the task of exfoliating and massaging the skin. Thanks to the fact that it is made of natural materials, it is safe for the skin, even the more sensitive ones.

What are the advantages of the Kessa glove?

First of all, it is fully ecological and biodegradable. It can be washed manually, but also in automatic washing machines, but set on lower temperatures. Many people also appreciate it for the fact that it takes up little space in luggage and has an aesthetic appearance. It is less frequently replaced than a traditional sponge made of artificial materials. Thanks to this we take care of the environment much better.

The Kessa glove also lies better in the hand and thanks to it one can wash the whole body more thoroughly. Its main advantage is the extremely pleasant massage, which is performed with circular movements. The glove can also be used for washing. Apply a small amount of soap, preferably natural, such as Aleppo, to a slightly moistened glove. Wash the whole body with circular movements. The glove can also be used to massage in body oils or lotions. Thanks to it, all active ingredients are much faster absorbed into the skin.

With the help of Kessa glove we will much faster get rid of dead epidermis, we will accelerate regeneration of skin cells, we will improve its appearance and smoothness, and what is more – we will fight cellulite more easily. Through massages we will also stimulate blood circulation, which will have an impact on better nourishment of the skin and of course our health. Kessa glove will prove itself in everyday skin care and certainly will make it easier and more pleasant. It can be used even on normal and dry skin. With regular use it gives measurable effects. They are already visible within a week of starting regular use.

How to care for the Kessa glove?

The glove is made of natural materials and it is easier to take care of its cleanliness than in the case of sponges made of artificial materials. After each use, the glove should be washed by us and rinsed thoroughly. It is good to leave it in a place where it can dry freely. Once a week, it is recommended to wash it in a washing machine, unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise. Use mild detergents, such as soap flakes or baby powder. The glove should not be dried in tumble driers. In order for it not to lose its exfoliating abilities, you should also not soften it too much with the use of rinsing liquids. It is best to let it dry and rinse it in boiled water, without any other additives. To maintain hygiene, hand washing in hypoallergenic grey soap is also sufficient. It is worth doing this after each use if the glove is used both for body washing and rubbing oils or lotions into it

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