The easiest way to clean a gas hob

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Frying pan on the gas stove in a kitchen

Gas stoves and gas hobs are popular solutions used in many kitchens. However, in order to enjoy an always clean and hygienic hob, we must remember about its regular cleaning and care. It is important that all food residues and greasy dirt are removed on a regular basis. Check what you need to know about cleaning hobs and find out how to do it in the fastest and easiest way

Gas hob – how to start cleaning it?

Cleaning of the gas plate can be started only when the whole surface is completely cooled down. First of all we have to take out the moving elements, for this purpose we remove the grate and burners from the plate – which should be cleaned separately. It is best to use water, a soft cloth or sponge and milk, which has been created for cleaning such surfaces. When you’ve finished cleaning, make sure to wipe all the parts dry so that the gas h ob can continue to function properly.

Clean your gas hob quickly and easily

All gas hobs are usually constructed in a very similar way. Namely they have four burners, from which you should start cleaning the stove. Remove the burners from the gas hob and wash them using warm water mixed with a little bit of dishwashing liquid. If your burners are very dirty, you should take them apart and soak them in warm water with a suitable detergent. Once the burners have been thoroughly cleaned, set them aside to dry and get on with cleaning the other parts. When the washed parts are dry, it is good to clean the upper part of the plate – using, of course, gentle cleaning agents that do not cause abrasion. The best choice will be mild lotions or liquids designed specifically for this purpose, but for cleaning a dirty gas hob you can also use ordinary dishwashing liquid, which will also not cause damage to it. Choosing the right cleaning agents and materials with which we are going to clean is very important because wrongly chosen products can scratch the surface of our plate and cause damage. When cleaning the gas hob do not forget about such elements as gas igniters and burner protectors – they also need cleaning. However to wash them it’s enough to use only a damp cloth.

What can replace a traditional gas hob?

If cleaning a gas hob is too much trouble and you need to spend too much time and effort, consider replacing it with an induction hob. Induction cooktops offer a smooth and uniform surface that takes just a few moments to clean. For example, an Electrolux induction cooktop would be a good choice. There are also gas cooktops, which are very similar in appearance to induction cooktops – their cleaning is of course much easier and doesn’t require as much effort as the traditional gas cooktops that most of us know and have. If you have a glass cooktop, especially one that is dark in color, you can wash the whole surface with water and dishwashing liquid, and then polish it with ordinary glass cleaner. However, with surfaces of this type also need to be careful, because it is very easy to cause scratches on them.

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