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How to arrange a functional living room?

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Is your apartment a constant mess? Don’t you know how to arrange a modern and minimalist living room? Or maybe you feel that you have too much stuff? In this article we will help you arrange a functional living room!

You don’t have to do a complete renovation to create a functional and modern space. Below we have prepared some tips that will help you organize your space and make it more practical.

1. Check if you need everything

A lot of people like to hoard things, and often they do it completely unconsciously. Whether it’s a box your mom gave you for your birthday, a figurine from your vacation, a lucky elephant or a vase you bought on a bargain. The more trinkets, the more cleaning – such objects collect dust, and vacuuming them can be tedious.

This point applies not only to trinkets, but also to clothes or furniture. Sometimes we have closets at home stuffed to the brim with clothes that we don’t wear, but which take up a lot of space. Sometimes there are so many of them that if you removed all the clothes and accessories you don’t wear, some of the dressers would be left empty.

2. Opt for multitasking furniture

A bench with the possibility of unfolding, a corner sofa with a sleeping function, a practical RTV cabinet organizing TV space well or chests of drawers with numerous compartments that will sort out your clothes, jewelry or underwear. All this makes the apartment more useful and less likely to become a mess.

3. Minimalist furniture in the color of the walls

If you want to optically enlarge the space, be sure to bet on bright, minimalist furniture in the color of the walls. Thanks to them the room will look spacious and will be conducive to rest and relaxation.

Another trick to enlarge the space are reflective surfaces. These work perfectly in minimalist and modern living rooms. In such interior it is worth to bet on interesting details, for example a sofa in a strong color, paintings or other interesting accessories. Thanks to them, the room will acquire a unique character.

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