Here are the hottest color trends for the coming months
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Here are the hottest color trends for the coming months

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Have the summer months prompted you to change your hairstyle? Or maybe you just need a color refresh? The latest color trends will appeal to those who like to go crazy with their hair, as well as fans of the classics. Check out what color is worth betting on in the coming months.

Chocolate shades

In recent months, all shades of warm chocolate, coffee and sweet caramel are leading the way in hair coloring. So when choosing the right color for your hairstyle, pay attention to brown palettes. These are the perfect shades for the approaching autumn months.

Strawberry blonde

If classic colors are too boring for you, but you don’t want to go too crazy on your hair, go for strawberry blonde. It’s a shade that hasn’t gone out of style lately. You can play with its saturation depending on the effect you want to achieve. You can start as early as pearly blonde with a delicate pink glow, and end up with a much more pronounced shade. It all depends on your courage!

Ombre – a classic that has not left us for several years

Ombre on hair has not left us for a good few seasons. However, it takes on more and more new forms. The most daring decide to go for really expressive colors: pink, blue and even green. However, the best look is the classic ombre juxtaposing natural dark and light colors.

Platinum blonde

In 2022, hair in the shade of platinum blonde is invariably on trend. More and more people are opting for it. No wonder: it’s an extremely striking color that emphasizes the Slavic features of beauty, but goes equally well with darker eyes. With such a shade, however, you need to remember to take proper care of it, as you need to lighten your hair a lot to achieve the right color.

Beige blonde

It’s time for a hair shade that suits almost every beauty type. We are talking about beige blonde. This neutral, warm-cold color looks good with all complexions. It is perfect for both warm and cold months. It is a universal shade, in which everyone will look good.

Natural blonde

If you are looking for a shade that will perfectly enhance your beauty and naturally brighten it, natural blonde is just for you! Although lately women are more often opting for cooler shades, this is the color that will beautifully highlight the Slavic beauty and visually rejuvenate.

Red hair

This time something for fans of fiery shades. Red hair is the latest fashion scream of 2022. However, we are already moving away from typical, classic reds in favor of neutral shades of red and copper. With this hair color, too, it is important to remember to take proper care so that the shade does not fade too quickly.

Reflexes on brown hair

Reflexes are a proven way to add a three-dimensional effect to hair. They make the hairstyle optically lighter and “cheerier”. Reflexes look best on brown hair, perfectly brightening it.

Mushroom blonde

Mushroom blonde, which is an ashy, mushroom blonde shade with a gray finish, has been a hit in recent months. The effect can be graduated, you can opt for a lighter or darker shade of gray. Such a coloration will be great for people with cooler beauty type.

main photo: Merchán Montes

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