How do you stand out on the beach?

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Vacations spent by the sea are a time of carefree rest and fun. For fashion enthusiasts it is also important to look stylish and original. We advise how to do it.

Packing a suitcase is an essential part of every trip. When planning a holiday on the beach, swimwear will certainly come to mind first. A hat, original jewelry, or maybe a fashionable handbag – what else is worth taking to emphasize your style? If you want to look your best, here are some tips on what to keep in mind when you go on vacation this year.

Wear a hat

Hats are a very important part of any summer outfit, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also to protect you from the sun’s intense rays. A straw hat is one of the must have items for your beachwear. Its undeniable advantage is that it always adds a touch of class and elegance, whether you spend your vacation on the Baltic Sea or in Bali. It will have an unforgettable effect if you choose an original shape or an interesting finish, such as a colorful ribbon. What will attract the most attention, however, is its size. As you may have noticed, XXL hats have already appeared in previous seasons. We assure you that they are still stunning today

Original accessories

When it comes to accessories, they are often the ones that give a style its character and give it the right edge. Besides hats, beach accessories like sunglasses, a trendy bag and a piece of jewelry should also be on your list.

When it comes to beach bags, basket-shaped woven ones have been the most popular for a few years. Thanks to their natural look, they match any beach outfit, for example a maxi dress or a boho-style cape, and add a relaxed, holiday character to it. Many models are also practical as they are big enough to hold everything you need for the beach.

You can complete the look with jewelry. Accessories made of natural materials are best suited for seaside circumstances. Probably nothing is more associated with the beach than seashells. Wearing a necklace or bracelet made of them you can feel the holiday atmosphere. This summer it is also worth betting on extremely fashionable jewelry made of colorful beads or pearls.

Trendy swimsuits for summer 2021

On the list of beach essentials you cannot miss the swimsuit, of course, which is the base of every beach outfit during hot days. The huge choice in stores makes buying a bikini not easy. Apart from the latest trends, you have to remember to match the swimsuit to your figure and to feel comfortable while wearing it. You can go for classic black and wear a trendy one-piece with a deep back neckline, opt for figure-hugging high-waisted briefs or go wild with strong, even neon colors. This season’s swimwear with a sporty cut will also work well, allowing you to enjoy all summer activities without any problems.

A fantastic addition to your swimsuit will also be an openwork cape or a pareo wrap, which protect you from the sun or the gentle chill and also look very stylish.

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