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Styling for winter – check out our 3 suggestions

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Autumn has just started, but it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Check out our selection of winter outfits and decide which one suits you best.

Synoptics are predicting a harsh winter this year and it is therefore a good idea to prepare for it. The cold weather does not have to be an obstacle to look fashionable.

Styling no. 1: For a coffee and a walk with friends

For the first set we suggest delicate, knitted, long-sleeved dress – straight from the Miu Miu or Chloé fashion shows. This season it is best to choose it in a shade of brown or warm beige. A good contrast to the knitwear will be a leather coat or a large, puffy jacket. The dress will go well with warm, opaque tights and black high-heeled boots. Note that military slippers are also back in style. If you like to stand out from the crowd, go for tights with subtle floral, geometric or stocking patterns. Find a wide range of winter tights here:

Look no.2: For a romantic winter evening

Every year the colors characteristic of autumn are in fashion. This season is no different. Designers have taken a liking to red in all its shades – from the bright and fluorescent ones to the muted hues of cherry, blood and red wine. A red mini dress paired with tall black shoes is sure to make a stunning impression. The best match will be leather women’s boots with a high stiletto heel. Top it off with a faux fur coat or ankle-length jacket and you’re ready to go out.

Styling Number 3: Back to the office

One of this season’s most popular trends is suits. We recommend grey or black high-waisted suit pants. They will go well with both classic, fitted turtleneck and oversize sweater. Match it with a short coat with a pointed collar, stylized for the 1960s, flat soled moccasins and discreet jewelry. This combination will make your Monday return to work a pleasant experience. If you want to add some color to your closet, choose a lilac or muted green sweater. A light purple will brighten up the styling and will be a good complement to earthy colors.

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